Borderlands 2 Message In A Bottle


Message In A Bottle is an optional mission in Borderlands 2, a part of the DLC Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty.
It has 5 parts that take place in different locations with two mission objectives to find the treasure and to Open the chest.
The mini-map locations on how to track each chest are shown in this post.

Hayter’s Folly

Borderlands 2 Message In A Bottle Hayter's Folly

Arriving at the map location and climbing a ledge there is a bottle behind a waterfall.
Go between the rocks until you see some mushrooms and a tree to find the bottle.
Smash the bottle to fight a cave Crystalisk and than in the cave, you should see X marking the chest position.
Dig to find and open the chest.
At level 30 rewards are $2696, 789 XP, Rapier a cursed (has a negative effect on the holder in exchange for their benefits)
unique assault rifle manufactured by Vladof. it gives – +200% melee damage bonus and excellent for use with characters as Zer0 with a Bloodshed build.

Magnys Lighthouse

Borderlands 2 Message In A Bottle Magnys Lighthouse

Go to Magnys Lighthouse and take the elevator up to the tower top.
From the window look down to the ground and search for the X mark.
You’ll be able to see it on a pillar of stone to the right with some grass on the top, jump down and the chest will pop.
At level 45 rewards are $2696, 789 XP, Captain Blade’s Midnight Star a unique cursed MIRV grenade manufactured by Torgue.

Borderlands 2 Message In A Bottle Oasis

As you reach to Rockview Rest Stop you’ll see abandoned car lot and need to face some pirates gunners.
In the town of Oasis there is a building with a garage door and a large X mark painted on the door.
Pull the lever to open the door and to find the chest.
At level 43 rewards are $1348, 789 XP, Orphan Maker a cursed unique shotgun of Jakob.
The shotgun causes high damage, allowing critical points to be targeted more easily and can activate several skills like:
Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Shock at once.

The Rustyards

Borderlands 2 Message In A Bottle The Rustyards

Following the map at Dreg Scrapyard you can find the treasure when the mini-map arrow points to the north and on the map left-south.
The chest is under a shed of an old hut where the ground is marked by a big black X near a box.
At level 43 rewards are $2696, 789 XP, Captain Blade’s Otto Idol a cursed unique relic manufactured by the Eridians.
Equipped with the relic killing an enemy restores health with a minimum 5.5% healing rate, best use with conjunction with weapons that have large explosive spread.


Picture 1: The bottle location (Wurmwater)
Borderlands 2 Message In A Bottle Wurmwater where to find the bottle

Picture 2: The chest location (Wurmwater)
orderlands 2 Message In A Bottle Wurmwater

To start the mission you need to find the bottle placed on a palm tree on a cliff (see picture 1).
Follow the map until finding a passage at Wurmwater Flats and a pirate location named Hegeland Camp.
Continue until encountering a Sand Worms near old moors, kill the worms and collect the loot.
Look for an X sign on the ground in the south-western corner where the chest is to complete the mission.
“You found the treasure!” Turn In: Wurmwater Treasure Chest
At level 30 rewards are $1348, 789 XP, Captain Blade’s Manly Man Shield a unique cursed shield manufactured by Torgue.
Adds bonus explosive damage of 40% of the character’s base melee attacks, but also wearer takes increased damage from elemental sources.

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