Bendy And The Ink Machine Characters


Bendy and the Ink Machine quickly became one of the more popular games in the category of puzzle action and survival horror video games.
This time the focus will be on Bendy And The Ink Machine Characters.
We’ll get brief information about each character, the forces that shape it and the places where we can encounter it while playing the game.
Knowing the background of a figure can help to complete the picture and also some tips are provided.

Henry Stein

Henry is the game’s main character and the one you play.
He is a retired animator who returns to his old workplace, Joey Drew Studios, to explore the mystery and to fill his ex-business partner
Joey’s request to discover “something special”.
It appears that the ink machine is more than a simple tool because it can give life to cartoon characters, but the results are horrifying.
So Henry needs to fight is way out and escape the studio from the inky horror cartoons inside.

Joey Drew
bendy and the ink machine characters -Joey Drew

The CEO of the animation Joey Drew Studios.
The one who invited Henry to explore the workplace.
His workers describe him as a greedy, unethical and selfish individual who demands a lot but gives them poor working conditions.

Wally Franks

The studio’s janitor who complains about other employees making his job harder and finish his audio blogs with: “I’m out of/outta here!”

Thomas Connor

A repairman who worked for the Gent company to repair the damages in the studio’s piping.
He is also the husband of Allison Pendle.

Sammy Lawrence
bendy and the ink machine characters -Sammy Lawrence

The director of the Music Department at Joey Drew Studios, the one who wrote the music for Bendy’s show.
Because he was used drinking ink bottles that were used for the Ink Machine on a daily basis he transformed into a humanoid ink creature.
He becomes one of the major antagonists helping Bendy in the game trying to get his human body back.

Susie Campbell

The original voice actress of the character Alice Angel which she starts loving.
She dreams to make it big and was voicing other characters as well until Joey replaced her with Allison Pendle.

Grant Cohen

The accountant of the studio, he complains about Joey’s expenses and workload.
He became an ink creature after the ink affected him and lost his mind.

Bertrum Piedmont
bendy and the ink machine characters -Bertrum Piedmont

A renowned theme park architect who became jealous of Joey taking all the credit.
After corrupted by ink he becomes the “monster machine“, that appears as a boss in Chapter 4.

Jack Fain

Former lyricist of Joey Drew Studios and Sammy’s assistant who turned into an ink monster “swollen” Searcher in Chapter 2.

Norman Polk
bendy and the ink machine characters -the Projectionist

One of the projectionists of the studio who transforms into a monster called the “Projectionist” in Chapter 3.
The Projectionist has a projector for a head and he dwells the darkness throughout the studio.

Shawn Flynn

An Irish toy designer who created several toys based on cartoon characters made from Joey Drew Studios.
He made the Bendy dolls, but in Chapter 3 he turned into a giant Searcher as a secret boss.

Allison Pendle

A former voice actress of Joey Drew Studios and Thomas Connor’s wife who replaced Susie Campbell as the new voice actress for Alice Angel.

Lacie Benton

Bertram’s assistant engineer, who manufactured the animatronics for Bendy Land.
She was later turned into a Lost One, endlessly sobbing over her paranoia.

bendy and the ink machine characters -Bendy

Bendy is the main cartoon character created by the animation company Joey Drew Studios as their mascot.
Along the game Bendy appears on cardboard cutouts, clips of cartoons, posters, plush toys, cutout mask, status and more.
Ink Bendy is the deformed shape that brings the cartoons to life by the ink machine.

Ink Bendy
bendy and the ink machine characters -Ink bendy

This is the primary evil cartoon character that was made from Joey drew’s bad attempt to create life out of Bendy mascot.
The figure’s body is covered with ink and her head resembles Bedny.
Ink Bendy has no soul and also lacks human intelligence and not capable of speaking.
When he appears, he creates an ink mask all around and causes ink to drop from the ceiling.
There is no weapon that can kill Ink Bendy, so the best strategy is to hide from him and wait until he passes.
Miracle Stations along the way provide a safe place to hide from Bendy

Boris the Wolf

bendy and the ink machine characters -Boris

Boris is a cartoon character of a wolf who shows similarities to Goofy.
In chapters 2 and 3 he accompanies Henry to help him, but after captured by twisted Alice he transformed into “Brute Boris
fighting Henry and trying to kill him in Chapter 4.

Alice Angel
bendy and the ink machine characters -alice angel

Alice is a cartoon character that we meet first in chapter 2, her talent is to sing and dance.
Originally she was voiced by actress Susie Campbell but later replaced by Allison Pendle.
She is described to be a part angel and part demon but shows to have all heart.

Twisted Alice
bendy and the ink machine characters -Twisted Alice

It is the physical form character of Alice Angel, she may be friendly but manipulative at the same time.
She also vain and obsessed with her beauty and perfection and will do almost anything to keep that.
She dislikes Ink Bendy and all forms of ink monsters and appears in chapters 3 & 4.

Allison Angel
bendy and the ink machine characters -Allison Angel

It is a character and the alternative form of the original Alice Angel.
Allison has common features with Twisted Alice but she’s beautiful and kindhearted and her look if perfect without any deformations.
She and Tom aided Henry throughout the studio in the two final episodes.

bendy and the ink machine characters -Tom

Tom is Allison’s companion and looks very similar to original Boris.
At the beginning of chapter 5 he is not trusting Henry, but later together with Allison, they save Henry’s life from Sammy in the Lost Harbor.
They continue to follow Henry in the Film vault until arriving at the Ink Machine-like fortress where Henry is forced to go on alone.

The Butcher Gang
bendy and the ink machine characters - The Butcher Gang

A trio of characters of Charley a gangster leader, Barley a sailor, and Edgar, a spider.
Henry encounters them several times along the game and needs to fight the inky monsters they become.

The Searchers
bendy and the ink machine characters -The Searchers

These are humanoid ink creatures that rise from ink puddles.
They are Henry’s enemy and he will meet them in many places in the studio.

The Lost Ones
bendy and the ink machine characters - the lost ones

These are the souls of human workers who become ink monsters.
Henry first encounters them in Chapter 4, where they look sad, depressed and out of hope, roaming around and harmless.
In Chapter 5 however, they follow Sammy and hold weapons to stand against Henry, Allison Angel, and Tom.

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