Borderlands 2 Out Of Body Experience

Mission Brief

Out of Body Experience is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 that takes place in Bloodshot Ramparts.
The mission is given by Loader #1340 AI Core and the rewards at level 13 are 1820 XP,1340 Shield or Shotgun 1340.
1340 Shield is a unique absorb shield that adds ammunition to the user’s reserves when it’s hit by bullets or rockets.
Shotgun 1340 is a rare projectile diversification shotgun with a voice.

After the Hyperion’s attempt to capture Roland and going back to Bloodshot Stronghold,
One Loader #1340 which is actually EXP Loader (Hyperion robots that function as a suicide bomber) failed to detonate.
It was captured by members of the Bloodshot Gang who repeatedly stomping on the robot.
As a result, the robot explodes and kills the marauders, but its AI core serial number #1340 was left behind.

The robot wants now to change his way and not to kill people, he asks for a new body that you can find in
Bloodshot Stronghold and promise a reward.


Pick up AI core
The mission starts when the vault hunter picks the core that the bandits left on the ground.
You need to head to the Bloodshot Stronghold.

Install the AI core into the Constructor
The first body to use is a tripedal Hyperion constructor.
Right after you install the core, the Loader #1340 AI will start attacking, so you’ll need to kill the constructor.
The constructor is slow and unshielded and you can take advantage of using the area to hide and hit.
Pick the core to install in another shell.

Install the AI core into the WAR Loader
The WAR Loader is well-armed and will lunch two UAVs to attack you.
It can help If you can cause it critical hits and some corrosive damage.
Pick the core once again to install it in another shell.

Install the AI core into the radio
Find the radio at Moxxi’s back in Sanctuary and install it.
The sound from the radio will be unpleasant and some repulsive singing.
You need to destroy the radio and than Loader #1340 will admit you defeated him.
Pick up the AI core.

Option 1: Bring pictures to Marcus
The reward is Shotgun 1340.

Option 2: Bring pictures to Dr. Zed
The reward is 1340 Shield.

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