Warframe Tier List – What is the Best Frame for you to acquire in 2020?


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Released in 2013, Warframe is a F2P (Free-to-play) and Action Role-playing video game with Third-person Shooter elements, brought to you by Digital Extremes.
The game supports both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, and available to play on PC. After PC release, the game was ported to Xbox One in 2014 and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

The story follows an ancient race, known as Tenno, who has awoken after a decade of cryosleep and finds themselves at a vicious battle in a planetary system with different kinds of factions. The members of the ancient race can make use of their Warframes fully equipped with advanced weapons and abilities to complete assigned challenges.

While there’s a series of randomly-generated levels, newer updates introduce an open world environment to explore similar to other MMOs, as well as story-specific missions that don’t use the procedural element. Although it’s a Multiplayer TPS game, Warframe offers a perfect mix of elements, such as Parkour, Melee Games, Role-playing, and Shooting. Role-playing elements enable the player to advance his Tenno (Ancient Warrior) character with improved gear to become it stronger than ever.

Warframe Tier list

What is the best Warframe? The common question asked by approximately every gamer who loved to play Warframe game. The answer is that they’re so many frames available to choose from. However, those players who have low mastery rank or aren’t experienced in the game will face lots of difficulties while selecting the best frame for them.
We would say that there’s no such kind of thing as The Best Frame. Every player has a unique playstyle, which is the most prominent reason why modding is at its peak. So there are different scenarios, in which you might have to select a different frame to accomplish a set of missions easily. Let’s prove it with a short example – Consider you’re playing a defense mission, then we would recommend you to set up a team with Trinity Energy Vampire Build and Banshee Resonating Quake Build.
If you looking for the Best Warframe Tier List that can assist you to stay on top of the current Meta, please stop your search because we have a list you need. In this section, we’re going to introduce the 10 Best Frames as of 2019. Some of them can easily acquire as you can grab them either at or near the start of your game. Otherwise, you will need to do some hard work but they will have the worth of your effort.

Mesa warframe

We’re starting our list with Mesa, considering as one of the best damage dealers in the game. Mesa possesses both sniping high-value targets with Ballistic Battery and making small work of enemies’ swarms with her superb Peacemaker, letting her trades mobility and energy over time to target every enemy in her lane of sight with massive damage. Additionally, she has the brilliant defensive ability and can buff allies. However, she can reduce and reflect up to 95 incoming damage easily.
• Gender – Female
• Abilities – Ballistic Battery, Shooting Gallery, Shatter Shield, and Pacemaker
• Specialization – Dual Pistol that kills the enemy with precision and speed
• Weaknesses – Very Annoying to Farm
• Prime – Yes
• Tier – Top

Equinox warframe

Equinox serves as one of the only Frames in the game that comes with more than four abilities. What makes Equinox so unique? This frame has a special skill, Metamorphosis, enabling her to change day and night forms; each grants her three different abilities. The special skill makes her quite challenging to play as compared to other frames. Said skills provide everything from damage over time, to healing, to debuffs and buffs, to nukes, and more.
• Gender – Female
• Abilities – Metamorphosis, Rest and Rage, Pacify and Provoke, and Mend & Maim
• Specialization – Low-Level AoE Killer with crowd control
• Weaknesses – Difficult to mod due to electic abilities
• Tier – High
• Prime – Yes


Saryn warframe

She is considering as the master of poison and devastating attacks. However, most of her abilities are geared towards inflicting damage over time to nearby enemies and letting her spread toxic spores across the battlefield. Saryn can be used against both synthetic and organic enemies, and her ability “Shed Her Skin” makes her very elusive. She mainly revolves around spreading toxic and viral damage among crowds.
• Specialization – Infectious Damage Dealer with a few tricks
• Gender – Male
• Abilities – Spores, Molt, Toxic Lash, Miasma
• Weaknesses – Combo requires some time, while other Frames can kill outright
• Tier – Middle
• Prime – Yes


Nidus is considering to bring diseases and plagues to the battlefield. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about getting infected because the character focuses on his dark powers over opponents. In the majority of parts, Parasitic Link can be used to damage both enemies and allies so this deadly ability requires to be used with care. The frame can go out because of his continuously increasing power the more foes he kills with unique abilities.
• Specialization – Ever-increasing Damage wit
• Gender – Male
• Abilities – Larva, Ravenous, Virulence, Parasitic Link
• Weaknesses – One of the prominent cons is that the mutation level will
• Tier – High
• Prime – No


ivara prime

If we give her the name of another great damage dealer, it would not be wrong. She is a character who can destroy her foes from a distance thanks to her powerful ranged abilities. Additionally, the fact is that she can permanently invisible and seems the best stealth ranger in the game. Although she is good at snipping out specific targets, she can do devastating moves against a team of enemies, because of her ultimate ability, known as Artemis Bow.
• Specialization – Ranged Damage
• Gender – Female
• Abilities – Navigator, Quiver, Prowl, Artemis Bow
• Weaknesses – Hard to Farm
• Tier – Top
• Prime – Yes


Octavia warframe

Approximately, no one list will be completed without this frame. The reason is that Octavia is highly overpowered at the moment. Probably, too much. This frame has an insane DPS and comes with the most powerful buffs in the game, which you can bestow upon her entire team. During the battle, she can use one of four abilities, Mallet to defeat nearby enemies and can draw their fire; however, the damage inflicted on the Mallet increases the lethality of this Frame.
• Specialization – Divine Damage Support AoE Killer
• Gender – Female
• Abilities – AMP, Metronome, Resonator, Mallet
• Weaknesses – Performing on Rhythm can be hard in the heat of battle
• Tier – Top
• Prime – No


Nova warframe

Undoubtedly, Nova is a female character, considering as a versatile warframe, fully loaded with devastating powers that can be used on the battlefield. There’s a Null Star which enables her alive when fully surrounded by enemies, while she can deal with tons of damage using her one of four unique abilities, Antimatter Drop. At the same time, her another ability, known as Molecular Prime, can let her cripple entire waves of enemies in a massive radius. During the battle, she gets able to use her electromagnetic energy to contain and manage highly Antimatter that fuels her ability. This frame possesses four unique abilities, such as Null Star, Antimatter Drop, Worm Hole, and Molecular Prime.
• Specialization – Fast-paced ability grants him overcome long missions than any other frames
• Gender – Female
• Abilities – Antimatter Drop, Null Star, Worm Hole, and Molecular Prime
• Weaknesses – On the Squishy Side
• Tier – Top
• Prime – Yes

Inaros warframe

Inaros excels at staying alive, similar to Rhino, but goes about performing it differently. The unique abilities of this warframe focus on stealing health from opposing characters, while incapacitating or damaging them during the process. The main ability is Scarab Swarm, which is concerned and perfectly complements the rest of the kit as it absorbs the health of enemies to turn it into armor. During the gameplay, there’re lots of chances that you may run low on health, because of killing enemies and you will not have to be careful about the small drawback.
• Specialization – Ever-increasing Damage, Self-healing with crowd control, and infinity Energy
• Gender – Male
• Abilities – Desiccation, Devour, Sandstorm, Scarab Swarm
• Weaknesses – Self-resurrection Passive
• Tier – Top
• Prime – No


Rhino warframe

At every start, every player should need to choose Rhino as their best choice. In short, the tank among other tanks are awesome and quite merely that can yawn the frame way through the early content of the game. Although the character doesn’t approach high levels, with his high damage skills and scaling, he is invincible. The signature ability of Iron Skin will defend him while he can learn the ropes of Warframe. If you’re a bit anxious about your survival, you’re going to love this one. Where this Warframes truly shines is during battles with waves of enemies, because of his iron Skin ability.
• Specialization – Invulnerable Damage dealer with crowd control
• Gender – Male
• Abilities – Rhino Charge, Iron Skin, Roar, and Rhino Stomp
• Weaknesses – Passive Ability is Niche
• Tier – Top
• Prime – Yes


Excalibur warframe

We’re releasing this list with an option that every player needs to be familiar with. However, Excalibur is one of the best three Warframes you can opt between at starting of the game. Despite having accessible, Excalibur is considered the solid frame that maintains the use throughout the game. The character has great DPS potential, AoE Killer, and crowd control. In short, if you’re searching for a Strong version of this Graeme, then you could obtain the Excalibur Umbra later on. The real asset of Excalibur is his Exalted Blade, a summoned weapon, which can be used to chop through enemies and releases energy blades that can traverse through walls.
• Specialization – Melee-centric damage dealer with crowd control
• Gender – Male
• Abilities – Radial Blind, Slash Dahs, Radial Javelin, and Exalted Blade
• Weaknesses – New Players can’t access its Prime Version
• Tier – High
• Prime – Only for founding players

Ash (Efficient Killer)
Ash warframe

An amazing killer, Ash possesses the unique skill, blade storm, and other abilities allowing him to mark different targets without any disturbance and slay hordes of enemies at once. He mainly relies on his stealth. With Ash prime, you can use lethal weapons. During the gameplay, you can use the altered mod for customization.

  • Specialization – One Trick Pony
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Blade Storm, Smoke Screen, Shuriken, Teleport
  • Weaknesses – Low Duration Stealth Kill
  • Tier – High
  • Prime – Yes


Atlas warframe

The stone-like creature doesn’t offer so much besides his first unique ability, known as Landslide, allowing him to punch enemies speedily for decent damage. However, other skills are too slow. During the battle, he can use tectonics to summon a rock-wall and can activate it to send the rocks crashing toward the foes.

  • Specialization – Known as Mediocre Melee Brawler
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Petrify, Tectonics, Landslide, and Rumblers
  • Weaknesses – Three skills are useless in heavy combat
  • Tier – Low
  • Prime – No

Banshee warframe

Banshee is a female Warframe that comes with a unique skill. During the battle, Sonar highlights the enemies with special weak points to damage by Banshee and her companions. However, she can stun foes and possesses devastating AoE. While battling against enemies, she can use sonic attacks and acoustic target detection. However, she is also considering best for stealth gameplay and is able for both attack and support roles as well.

  • Specialization – Destroy Boosting Powerhouse with control
  • Gender – Female
  • Abilities – Sonar, Sonic Boom, Silence, Sound Quake
  • Weaknesses – Highly Squishy
  • Tier – High
  • Prime – Yes


Chroma warframe

He is a versatile Warframe thanks to his passive and elemental alignment, which modifies his unique abilities based on the cosmetic color you select for him before starting the missions. Although he is serving as the most useable character due to his survivability and damage buffs, offered the right set up outclasses approximately anything in the game.

  • Specialization – Versatile Tank and Incredible Damage Buffs
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Elemental Ward, Spectral Scream, Vex Armor, Effigy
  • Weaknesses – A complex Character with a bit confusing crafting requirements to create and upgrade
  • Tier – Top
  • Prime – No

Frost warframe

Although, Frost isn’t a strong frame, but does better attacks compared to other class in the game. He can lock down locations brilliantly, as well as enemies with easy to use the method as the premier defensive Warframe of the game. The Snow Globe’s ability of the character can develop a force field to trivialize most defense missions. He has four powerful abilities, including Avalanche, and Snow Globe.

  • Specialization – Defensive Warframe and brilliant for defense and excavation missions
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Freeze, Snow Globe, Ice Wave, and Avalanche
  • Weaknesses – Not Versatile and Snow Globes need some time to execute
  • Tier – Middle
  • Prime – Yes


At first glance, Gara seems like a Frost of the poor person. But the truth is harder. She is a defensive Warframe that totally relies on the ability of combos to disable, confuse, and damage enemies. Her glassy appearance makes enemies confuse and trap them into a damaging environment surrounded by certain areas. During the gameplay, she can cast a powerful buff that negates approximately 90% incoming damage on her companions, as well as herself.

  • Specialization – Complex, but powerful Warframe
  • Gender – Female
  • Abilities – Shattered Lash, Splinter Storm, Spectrorage, Mass Vitrify
  • Weaknesses – The constant combo can be boring
  • Tier – Middle
  • Prime – No

Khora warframe

She is considering as a heavy hitter and can use whips and chains to snare foes, before releasing the damage strike. However, this splashes onto the trapped enemies, focusing on what kind of skills the player is using. She is an awesome character comes with an innate pet that suffers from the frankly subpar AI of Warframe.

  • Specialization – Pet Class with Damage, Crowd Control, and Healing
  • Gender – Female
  • Abilities – Venari, Ensnare, Whipclaw, Strangledome
  • Weaknesses – Unreliable Companion
  • Tier – Middle
  • Prime – No


Limbo warframe

He is the deadly character who upon manipulating the planes of existence can attack enemies to dominate them within no time. With 100% health and approximately 75 shields, Limbo is considering the powerful character. He will offer amazing crowd control and can freeze enemy bullets for a short time.

  • Specialization – Complex Defender system need team coordination
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Rift Surge, Stasis, Banish, Cataclysm
  • Weaknesses – Make Random Teams angry on specific sight
  • Tier – High
  • Prime – Yes


Loki warframe

Loki is another Warframe that possesses stealth abilities. During the fight, he can use one of four abilities to make his disappear from the eyes of enemies for a specific time to buff the attacks with stealth damage modifier. Such kind of power makes him quite survivable and the better option for you to choose and start your brilliant gameplay experience.

  • Specialization – Stealthy Nature, Crowd Control
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Invisibility, Decoy, Switch Teleport, Radial Disarm
  • Weaknesses – Radial Disarm isn’t cool against infected foes
  • Tier – High
  • Prime – Yes


Mag warframe

Full command over magnetic energy making her an expert at enemy manipulation. However, Mag splits the difference between crowd control and support, and she can transport foes into magnet and can projectile toward the center. Using the last ability, Crush, she can magnetize the bones of enemies and can collapse them to defeat.

  • Specialization – Bigger Moves with Crowd Controls
  • Gender – Female
  • Abilities – Pull, Magnetic, Polarize, Crush
  • Weaknesses – Direct Damage
  • Tier – Middle
  • Prime – Yes


Mirage warframe

Using a special ability Prism, you can shoot lasers in all directions, causing the activation of detonates and blinding nearby enemies. Despite all-powerful skills, Mirage is considering useful for her gunplay. However, the hall of Mirrors skill can draw enemy attention while boosting her weapon can damage them easily. Her ability, sleight of hand, let him mirage the booby traps nearby objects to advance.

  • Specialization – Hard to Hit Damage Dealer
  • Gender – Female
  • Abilities – Prism, Eclipse, Sleight of Hand, Hall of Mirrors
  • Weaknesses – Complex Controls
  • Tier – Middle
  • Prime – Yes


Nekros warframe

With the introduction of dark powers, he is considering one of the best playable frames available. Using the unique powers, he is able to manipulate enemies, both living and dead. Soul Punch is one of the fourth ability letting him blow power to turn the soul of enemy into a deadly projectile for damaging the enemies all in its path. Terrify skills can be used to cast the terror into the hearts of nearby enemies, which causes the defeat of enemies.

  • Specialization – Loot Grinding and Endless Missions
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Desecrate, Terrify, Soul Punch, Shadows of the Dead
  • Weaknesses – Decent Crowd Control
  • Tier – Top
  • Prime – Yes


As compared to Rhino, Nezha is one of the best super speedy and super fragile frame. Although he comes with low health and shields power, his abilities help him out in stopping damage and reflect it back toward enemies to smash. You can use the brilliant crowd control and some augment mod will increase the ability of the character to support his companions.

  • Specialization – Supersonic Semi-support
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Divine Spears, Warding Halo, Fire Walker, Blazing Chakram
  • Weaknesses – Worse Experience
  • Tier – Low
  • Prime – No

Nyx warframe

She is fully equipped with strange powers that can be used to control the mind of enemies and to perform psychic attacks, making her very dangerous enemy. Her outstanding powers make a place into enemy consciousness and manipulate their behavior to turn the battle side in her favor. Using the absorbability, she can easily absorb all incoming damage and release it against enemies. The Mind Control ability allows her to hypnotize the enemies and use them as her companions and force them to battle the Tenno Cause.

  • Specialization – Crowd Controller
  • Gender – Female
  • Abilities – Chaos, Absorb, Psychic Bolts, Mind Control
  • Weaknesses – Unreliable Lockdown
  • Tier – Low
  • Prime – Yes


Oberon warframe

Undoubtedly, your choice shouldn’t be focused on this character for support. It doesn’t mean he’s bad, as he is the king that is a serviceable healer with some handsome perks. During the gameplay, he can strip enemies, remove companion status effects using the crowd controls.

  • Specialization – Damage Dealing Healer
  • Gender – Female
  • Abilities – Hallowed Ground, Smite, Reckoning, Renewal
  • Weaknesses – Needs Targets to stay in the area
  • Tier – Middle
  • Prime – Yes

Titania warframe

She has been since the character was first revealed. In short, Titania is a mess and most of her skills are useful, but merely don’t functional in practice. The crowd control is unskilled, as the buffs she can extract from foes will be randomized and minor. Her latest ability lets her shrink down and fly across the world, blasting foes with powerful weapons.

  • Specialization – Crowd Controller
  • Gender – Female
  • Abilities – Lantern, Tribute, Spellbind, Razorwing
  • Weaknesses – Complex Play Style
  • Tier – Low
  • Prime – No

Vauban (Defender)
Vauban warframe

If you’re a new player and don’t know how to start playing the game, then Vauban would be a great choice for you to start. He is a simple defender with heavy emphasis on strong crowd control. The ultimate power of summoning black holes will allow him to manage enemies while his signature skill, trap enemies in midair. However, the rest of his skills aren’t annoying to write about, likely why he’s set to revise.

  • Specialization – Quite Simple Defense Class
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Tesla Nervous, Mineyer, Bastile, Photon Strike
  • Weaknesses – Half of the skills are ignored
  • Tier – Middle
  • Prime – Yes


Volt warframe

Started as a simple spell-caster class now has turned into an eclectic utility character over time. The massive movement of Volt speed buff is a god-gifted and his companions on large-scale battles. The character has an unusual skill, known as Electric Shield, an energy field that Volt can select and use as an actual shield. Companions that can shoot through will charge their fire using the said skill.

  • Specialization – Solid Crowd Control
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Electric Shield, Speed, Shock, Discharge
  • Weaknesses – Unwieldy Electric Shield
  • Tier – Middle
  • Prime – Yes

Wukong (Immortal)
Wukong warframe

Wukong is an immortal Warframe comes with melee combat skills. During the gameplay, you can use melee combat to take on enemies and defeat them within no time. Unluckily, the character has nothing to perform outside of utility expect small AoE Stun. Using his Defy skill, the character and his companion become invulnerable and defy enemies to attack, while the first skill letting him create a clone of himself to attack enemies together as a team to defeat.

  • Specialization – Melee Focused Tank
  • Gender – Male
  • Abilities – Primal Fury, Cloud Walker, Defy, Celestial Twin
  • Weaknesses – Fine Melee Ability
  • Tier – Low
  • Prime – No

Zephyr warframe

Zephyr is an ordinary character, whose skills are revolving around airborne, as she cast other skills to reduce the cost and dive-bomb to defeat enemies. However, it’s solid and unique form of crowd control requires set up that seems thematic as compared to useful. The ultimate version is much traditional, summing tornadoes that will wipe out enemies and spread them via air and distribute damage. During the combat, she can perform air attacks and mobility, in simple, Zephyr can dominate enemies from air.

  • Specialization – Strange Crowd Controller with aerial mobility
  • Gender – Female
  • Abilities – Tornado, Turbulence, Airburst, TailWind
  • Weaknesses – Unreliable Signature Skill
  • Tier – Middle
  • Prime – Yes

Full Tier List

Tier List S (super)
• Octavia
• Nova
• Mesa

Tier List A
• Nezha
• Ivara
• Rhino
• Saryn
• Gara
• Trinity

Tier List B
• Volt
• Oberon
• Chroma
• Exquinox
• Nekros
• Hildryn
• Frost
• Loki
• Ash
• Banshee
• Garuda
• Khora

Tier List C
• Mag
• Zephyr
• Atlas
• Baruuk
• Hydroid
• Mirage
• Wukong
• Valkyr

Tier List D
• Vauban
• Ember
• Nyx
• Titania

This list will surely give you a nice idea about which frames you should concentrate on acquiring in the current Meta. However, we tried our best to make this list as diverse as possible so you can find at least one frame according to your play style.

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