Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Last Reel -Final Episode

We arrive at the last chapter of Bendy and the ink machine.
The chapter release was on October 26, 2018 (originally planned to be on October 12, 2018).
In the last chapter, Henry was on the way to rescue Boris but found himself fighting against him because of what twisted Alice did.
Here is a reference to the previous chapters:
Chapter One: Moving Pictures
Chapter Two: The Old Song
Chapter Three: Rise and Fall
Chapter Four: Colossal Wonders

The chapter begins when Henry is sitting in a prison cell and Allison asks him “Who are you? Why are you here ?”
He replied he was invited by an old friend and now he can’t leave and asks Allison if she can let him out of the cell.
Allison says “down here, strangers aren’t a good thing” and how can she trust him?
She even doesn’t recall her name or how she’s got there, so she’s just Allison but definitely no angel.
The conversation ends as she says: “You go back and rest. We’ll talk again later”

After a while, Allison tells Tom she’s going for a few hours up to level 6 and he can stay here without a need to worry.
She promises to come back telling Tom to keep an eye on Henry.
When Allison returns, she brings a soup bowl to Henry saying that he needs to eat and that’s all that they have.
She walks away to leave the room and then tom threw the soup bowl on the floor and walks from there as well.

Later, Alice talks with Henry again and he notices that she’s the one who writes on the walls.
She warns him not touching the ink for too long as it can affect him and also tells him about hidden messages she found on the studio walls.
It appears that you can read the hidden messages only through special glasses which guides how to get out of the studio.
Alice tried to follow the messages to find herself walking in circles, but maybe Henry can find the way out.
Tom doesn’t trust Henry and won’t let him out, but Alice promises to try and help him tomorrow.

As time pass, Alice tries to persuade Tom to release Henry “we can’t just leave him! Not when the Ink demon”
He doesn’t agree and the two-run from the room escaping from nearby Bendy.

Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Escape Your Prison

Use the special seeing glasses to look over hidden messages on the walls.
To your right, there’s a graffiti with words “Take the spoon“ pointing to a hanging spoon near it.
Clicking the spoon opens the door of a hidden bathroom and using the special glasses Henry can see “You’ll need this”
Pointing to a hidden Gent Pipe in the toilet tank.
Use the Gent Pipe to hit the planks blocking the cell exit and to scape.
There are 3 bacon soup cans on the shelf and one more in the next room.
Going along you’ll see a picture of a hand in glove “Little devil Darlin” and using the special glasses will reveal the words “follow me”.

Walking in the hallway you’ll encounter few Searchers (ink monsters) until you reach the barge.
Then you’ll get a new objective.

Launch the Barge

Arriving at the barge there is a short railway and a lever near it that you need to pull to lower the barge a little.
Using the special glasses, you can read on the floor “There’s something in the river” , pull the lever once again to put the barge in the inky river. clicking on the switch inside the barge opens the next objective.

Follow the Ink River

Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 5- on the river

As the tip says, press and hold the barge throttle progress in the ink river.

Unclog the Paddlewheel

The barge suddenly stops because something is stuck in the Paddlewheel.
A giant hand with a glove will try to catch Henry stalling the barge and he needs to hit it with the gent pipe and continue in the sail.
This will happen a few times, so you must hit the hand and proceed until coming at the Lost Harbor.

Arriving at the Harbor walk on the dock to arrive at a store with the banner “not monsters”.
Suddenly Sammy with a mask on his face will jump out with an Axe breaking the planks, blaming and attacking Henry “I trusted you! I gave you everything and you left me to rot“.
As the fight ends he will push henry down and will stand above him with axe promising to free him and waving the axe to kill him,
But then Tom will arrive behind him to kill him first with an axe.
Allison will appear to say this was close and that’s Henry is lucky that they were nearby.
The earth will tremble for a short time before a fight with the Searchers and Lost Ones begins.
Allison and Tom will help, but there are many monsters you’ll need to kill.

With his two other companions, Henry leads the way going over a narrow planks bridge.
Suddenly he falls into an ink pool in a room beneath and finds a hidden message “it’s inside the vault”.
Walking in what looks like a dining room and a Bar you’ll see the Administration Offices and the Film Vault.
Right to the Administration there’s an old Ink maker.
Getting inside the Film Vault, Henry sees missing pipes in a big device.

Drain the Passage

Searching the room there is a tape of Thomas Connor where he’s talking about how Bendy was created by a mistake.
He says the Sammy asked for a machine to simply mold life-size figures into cartoons but it seems to be on the edge of magic more
Than engineering.
The process had a failure to create one figure called Bendy which looks something unnatural to him.

Going out into the Bar there is a lever you need to pull to open the Administration.
As you go inside you’ll see some gang members walking and you need to hide from them.
In one of the rooms of this section, there is a voice record of Joey Drew going against the rumors about his leadership and claims he sees the big picture.
In another room, Wally franks record voice is about how lucky he was to find a big chocolate cake while cleaning.

Walk until you’ll find Joey Drew office with another tape in his voice.
Joey talks to Susie that Alice means a lot to him as well all of his other characters, he believes that
“They are more than just drawing. They’re alive. They’re part of us”
He reveals that he has a secret project to bring these characters to life and wants to bring Alice to life with Susie’s help.

To the left of Sammy’s office, there is some extra-thick ink you need to take back to Ink Maker.
Once you take the ink, the gangsters will try to catch and run after you.
On the way, there are Miracle Stations to hide and you can find cans of bacon soup in the cupboard in front of the office.
Put the ink in the Ink Maker and turn the dial on the pipe shape you want to create for the Vault entrance.
You need to repeat the process and create 3 pipes, beware of Bnedy wandering near the main room and remember to use the Miracle Station nearby just in case you need it.
After all three pipes are in place the passage is drained and you move to the next target.

Search the Vault

endy And The Ink Machine Chapter 5- the film vault

Inside the film vault, You can use the magic glasses to see the caption “The demon has taken it”.
In a box, you notice some old films and then Alice and Tom will arrive in the room.
Henry wants to find Bendy to get something that they need to be free, so Tome opens the metal door.
As they get over, Bendy is walking slowly in the hall so you need to be quiet.
The way leads to an inky swamp where Alice and Tom can’t cross, Alice asks Henry to set them free because he is the only one who can do that.

Enter the Machine

Henry crosses the inky swamp and goes straight ahead until he finds a door with a lever.
This opens the door to a room with small screens hanging from the ceiling, a sofa, some gears, and a tape.
In the tape, Sammy’s voice speaks to Henry about their achievement in creating a new life in the hearts of people, where today only the shadow of the Past left, but now Henry can change the situation.

Fight Beast Bendy

Bendy reveals Itself behind the sofa to be a giant ink monster (Beast bendy) she knocks Henry and throws him while she’s roaring and running wildly in the space.
You’ll be able to see where to go by finding hidden arrows on the floor using the special glasses.
This will lead to opening four levers and then a door to open a room with the banner “who’s laughing now ?”
There is a metal grid in the middle of the room, screens on the walls and also control panel with a valve that you need to turn.
This will bring the Ink monster into the room running again and turning off the lights.
Use the special glass to see where the arrows on the floor lead, it will take you back to the room with where Sammy’s last record was.
On the small screens the word “the end” will show and you’ll watch how Bendy the ink monster dissolves into mist and vanish.

Joey’s Apartment (the end)

Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 5- end

Henry finds himself in Joey’s apartment.
Joey’s wash dishes in the kitchen and wonder who are we?
He then asks Henry to come and visit again the workshop because there is something he wants to show him.
Henry is in the workshop again and this is how Bendy and the Ink Machine ends.

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