Hollow Knight Maps – A Complete Guide 

About Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight uses the subgenre of Action-Adventure, introducing exciting gameplay offered by Team Cherry. The game is available approximately all major gaming platforms, including macOS, PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4. Its storyline revolves around a knight, who embarks on an epic quest to reveal all the hidden secrets of an abandoned insect kingdom, known as “Hallownest.” According to the plot, the haunting depths of the kingdom draw in the brave and adventurous with revealing valuable treasures and the answers you’re looking for. Back in February, its sequel has been released “Titled Hollow Knight: Silk song.”

Gameplay – Overcome All Obstacles

The game puts you in charge of an insect-like, nameless character who is a knight and while navigating the underground maps, you need to kill enemies to obtain necessary resources. Your knight equips with a nail (a cone-style sword), that can be used in environmental and combat interaction. During the game, most areas will let you confront hostile bugs and other kinds of deadly creatures. However, using the melee combat you can quickly drive out the enemies to earn points. While playing, you can learn lots of powerful spells which allow you to perform long-range attacks. You should know that the defeated enemies drop in-game currency, known as “Geo.” All these are basic things, and you would quickly learn upon playing. So our main focus in this article is on Hollow Knight Maps, and we’ve compiled a list of maps with the best strategy to overcome all of them to win.

Hollow Knight Maps

You should know that the game has several possible ways to complete. It means you can choose a completely different way than the one mentioned here and still achieve the game. Currently, the game has lots of explorable maps, and each has a set of areas, paths, and enemies to defeat as well. So before starting the game, you have to reveal how to complete it strategically and reach the end to win. Here are some maps and a way how to finish. Let’s explore them together!

Hollow Knight Map-All MAps

  1. Forgotten Crossroads
  2. Greenpath
  3. Fungal Wastes
  4. Dirtmouth
  5. Fog Canyon
  6. Howling Cliffs
  7. City of Tears
  8. Crystal Peak
  9. Resting Ground
  10. Kingdom’s Edge
  11. Queen’s Garden
  12. Ancient Basin

Forgotten Crossroads

Hollow Knight Map-Forgotten Crossroads

Ancient roads are used by traders and travelers. Such kinds of roads were utterly ruined, and even no one tried to repair them. Therefore, they become infested with aggressive bugs and strange creatures that are lurking across the map to find someone to kill. So you should be careful while navigating the map because danger is lurking in each corner. Up to four powerful bosses are here to defeat you, and surely they will never let you go.

The map consists of four areas to explore, such as Ancestral Mound, Temple of the Black Egg, Infected Crossroad, and Special Rooms.

The map is quite challenging and comprises a lot of brutal enemies to defeat. The player requires up to 30 Geo (in-game currency) to unlock this map where up to fight challenging bosses await him, including:

  • Gruz Mother
  • False Knight
  • Failed Champion
  • Brooding Mawlek
  • The Hollow Knight (The Final Boss)

While navigating the map, you can use a powerful spell-like Vengeful Spirit and can easily defeat False Knight to unlock a variety of items, including City Crest, Mask Shard, and Vessel Fragment. There’s a hidden room right behind the fake wall, and you need Super Dash to approach. Although False Knight isn’t a tough boss to defeat, you can wait until it performs the shockwave attack to jump over the land to hit. Upon knocking out the False Knight, the head will be revealed and allow you to attack the maggot inside.


Hollow Knight Map-Greenpath

Although the style and the pattern of the map are much similar to other maps, it comes with objectives to complete, a set of items to unlock, and three epic bosses to defeat. The names of the bosses are the following:

  • Hornet
  • Massive Moss Charger
  • No Eyes – Warrior’s Grave

The objective of the player navigates the map from the top-down perspective, fulfill the requirements of each task assigned by the game to unlock items like Mask Shard, Vessel Fragment, and Mothwing Cloak. The price which is required to open this game is 60 Geo, and the stage way price is 140 Geo. Firstly, you need Mothwing Cloak to approach Conifer and then move left and down from the Hunter to cut some vines holding the logs and defeat the boss, named Moss Knight.

Fungal Wastes

Hollow Knight Map-Fungal Wastes

It has many connections with other maps, such as City of Tears, Deepnest, Fog Canyon, Forgotten Crossroads, and more. The environment is entirely full of spores, and unlike the bug, the inhabitants of the Wastes seem like mushroom. While playing the game, you will meet several NPCs, including Cornifer, Hornet, Bretta, Cloth, and Mister Mushroom. The prominent enemies of this area are Sprog, Shrumeling, Fungoon, and more.

Queen’s Station (Sub-Area)

It serves as a massive terminal which is mostly run-down. However, it connects this map with Fog Canyon, where the player will encounter Willoh and discovers Quirrel for the third time.

Mantis Village (Sub-Area)

The map contains a small map, offering a living place for the warrior race “Mantises.” Usually, the enemies are hostile, but can’t able to attack anymore after the defeat of Mantis lord.


Hollow Knight Map- Dirtmouth

Dirtmouth is a small village discovered at the start of the game. It serves as the place where the protagonist can get into Hallownest accurately. In the beginning, the buildings are closed, and only Non-player Characters can live there. However, mostly NPCs are discovered during the gameplay, and several of them make their way back to the town and open these buildings, including:

  • Two Merchants
  • Stag Station
  • Confessor Jiji

The massive bosses are waiting for you to defeat and their names are Grey Prince Zote, Grimm, and Nightmare King Grimm. Lots of enemies will try to fend off you by completing the objectives but using the unlockable items you can easily overcome all the hurdles come along the journey. The map is split into two parts such as:

  • Special Rooms
  • King’s Pass

Fog Canyon

Hollow Knight Map-Fog Canyon

Fog Canyon is one of the smallest areas in Hollow Knight video game completely full of bubbles, fog, and acid. The core of the area contains the Teacher’s Achieve. It has two areas to explore, such as Teacher’s Achieves and Overgrown Mound. There’s only one boss awaits the player, named Uumuu. While playing the game, the player can use howling wraiths spell to overcome all hurdles and take down enemies to advance.

Howling Cliffs

Hollow Knight Map-Howling Cliffs

To unlock this area, you need up to 75 Geo (in-game currency) and unlock all other stagways to get access to the Stag Nest. Two collectibles are available to pick up such as Baldur Shell and Joni’s Blessing. In the end, the player must struggle to defeat the final boss, named Gorb – Warrior’s Grave. While playing the game, three items can be unlocked to use during the game such as:

  • King’s Idol
  • Wanderer’s Journal
  • Vessel Fragment

City of Tears

Hollow Knight Map-City of Tears

The capital of Hallownest and serves as the heart of the great kingdom, known as the City of Tears. Now, it is crawling with the husks of bugs and the guards are still devoted to their jobs. It seems the city is built into a cavern and the water continuously pouring down from cracks in the stones placed above. However, the “City of Tears” is accessible from the Fungal Wastes by unlocking the main door with the use of City Crest. Besides the main gate, there are many other ways to approach the city, including Ancient Basin. Defeating four powerful bosses, isn’t an easy task and the names of the bosses are:

  • Soul Master
  • Soul Tyrant
  • The Collector
  • Watcher Knight

But with a bit strategic approach and the powerful spells (Desolate Dive and Shade Soul), it becomes possible to take over the map by defeating all the bosses. Undoubtedly, the map contains several unlockable items, including Wanderer’s Journal, Hallownest Seal, Rancid Egg, Simply Key, and Vessel Fragment.

Crystal Peak

Hollow Knight Map-Crystal Peak

In this map, it seems the area possesses a strange power hidden in the crystals. Definitely, the peculiar powers will grow in the dark, a point of searing heat in each one. It is situated in the east of Dirtmouth, and a massive mountain is mined for its crystal. The area is guarded by two powerful bosses, such as:

  • Crystal Guardian
  • Enraged Guardian

While playing the game, the player will encounter a variety of new enemies, and each has a unique power and ability to defeat the player. But you don’t need to be panic, because lots of unlockable items and magic spells will come to assist whenever you’re in trouble. The things you can obtain by completing the requirements are:

  • Rancid Egg
  • Wanderer’s Journal
  • Pale Ore

Resting Ground

Hollow Knight Map- Resting Grounds

A massive area wholly filled with graves and tombstones. It is located at the end of Hallownest, and you as the protagonist can first get into this area from one of three areas such as City of Tears, the Forgotten Crossroads, or the Crystal Peak. Here, you will discover the monument and find the location of the Dreamers. You will also receive the Dream Nail, and after that, your character finds himself in a house who gives lore to the map and promotes you to begin gathering Essence. Only one boss is here to defend the door which leads you to the next map, named Xero. While moving across the map, you will get your both hands with items like Dream Nail, King’s Idol, Wanderer’s Journal, and Mash Shard.

Kingdom’s Edge

Hollow Knight Map-Kingdom's Edge

Kingdom’s Edge serves as the far eastern section of Hallownest and fully covered with snow. However, the bodies fall from Colosseum of Fools into the acid. The way in this map will lead you to the massive Geo deposit. There are lots of characters to interact with, including Cornifer, Hornet, Mister Mushroom, Tiso, and Nailmaster Oro. Two powerful bosses are available to stand in your journey and fend off you by completing the tasks. Two bosses are the following:

  • Hornet
  • Markoth

The main map is divided into two areas, such as Special Rooms and Cast-off Shell. In the game, the Wyrm’s shell decaying corpse flakes into white ash which seems similar to snow.

Queen’s Garden

Hollow Knight Map-Queen's Garden

A lush area which is full of ornate gates, perilous platforms, and thorns. The map is situated near the west part of Hallownest. The gardens of the map are overrun with Mantis Traitors who were banished from their area. Unlike the Verdant Wilds of Hallownest, this map offers the perfect mix of both bug and flora-made structure. Similar to its nearby area “Greenpath,” all gardens are fully covered with the green foliage of all sizes and shapes. All the gates are guarded by two bosses such as Traitor Lord and Marmu. There are several types of enemies, including Loodle, Mantis Petra, Aluba, Maskfly, etc.

Only one item is available to unlock “Love Key,” and the player can use it to unlock Open Tower of Love located in the Eastern City of Tears.

Ancient Basin

Hollow Knight Map-Ancient Basin

This map will let you navigate the deepest part of the world where you will face off strange types of life-forms and different kinds of enemies. It serves as the original location of the White Palace and also the home of the Pale King. You can quickly discover the ruins of White Palace in the eastern section of the Basin. The entire map is split into two sections, such as:

  • Palace Grounds (Sub-Area)
  • Hidden Station (Sub-Area)

Place grounds are areas that disappeared together with the Pale King. It needs the Monarch Wings to get access to the area, and the player can access the White Palace after using the Awoken Dream Nail.

Hidden Station is situated on the eastern side of the Palace Grounds, and you can easily access after smashing the breakable wall to reveal more secrets.