Borderlands 2 The Lost Treasure Walkthrough

Mission Brief

The Lost Treasure is an optional mission in Borderlands 2.
It’s given by an ECHO recording located in Sawtooth Cauldron, It becomes available after completing the story mission Toil and Trouble.
At level 25 the rewards are 6983 XP, $1074,Dahlminator which is a unique Dahl E-tech pistol.
This weapon is excellent at hitting enemies behind cover as it has projectiles homing on the target.
Let’s see how to complete the Borderlands 2 The Lost Treasure mission.


Your goal is to find the lost treasure of old Haven.
There are four missing pieces of the map that you have a chance to find after killing various bandits.
Once you gathered the map missing pieces and assembled it, Brick will give you the next objective in the Caustic Caverns.

Collect clues 0/4
Each time after killing bandits you’ll get a short story from Brick and the forth will be traveling to Caustic Caverns.
Now you’ll need to follow clues that lead to finding 4 switches located in Caustic Caverns.

Switch 1
Borderlands 2 The Lost Treasure-map Under the acid-soaked railway
The first switch is Under the acid-soaked railway on the middle support pylon holding up remnants of the old rail above the caustic lake.

Switch 2
Borderlands 2 The Lost Treasure-map In the warehouse on the shore
in the infested warehouse is on a wall actually outside the facility on the shore of the acid lake, facing a broken concrete slab with a green weapon chest.

Switch 3
Borderlands 2 The Lost Treasure-map digger's shadow
The one in the digger’s shadow can be found on the side of a transformer directly under the front of a bucket-wheel excavator near the Guardian Ruins.

Switch 4
Borderlands 2 The Lost Treasure-map Dahl's bloody sixth

The last switch is on a wall in a corner of Dahl Deep Core 06 (Dahl’s bloody sixth).

Access top floor of facility

Once four switches have been activated, ascension to the top of the facility is gained by way of an external service elevator between the Nether Hive and Rumbling Shore

Find Treasure

The Varkid Ramparts above is an area predominantly populated with spider ants, plus the occasional varkid.
An open area in the upper reaches of the Varkid Ramparts holds a hatch with a switch, and accessing this completes the mission.

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>> In sawtooth Cauldron, Vault Hunter finds an ECHO recorder

Creepy Bandit: They’ll never find it. Never find my treasure.
Was in Old Haven. Not anymore. Mine. Scatter the map. Give it to bandits.
Nobody will ever find it. NEVER!

>> Mission objectives update: Collect clues 0/4

Brick: Woah. Sounds like that dude was talkin’ about the lost bandit treasure of Old Haven.
If you find the pieces of the map, you could be the first person to dig it up.
Sounds like bandits have the map pieces, but there’s no way to know which ones got it — just keep killin’ bandits and hope for the best! Hahahaha.

>> Vault Hunter keeps killing bandits until they drop the first clue.

Brick: Long time ago, there were these guys — the Crimson Lance. Worked for the Atlas Corporation.
They tried to kill us. It was pretty funny. That treasure you’re searching for belonged to the last of ’em.

>> Vault Hunter picks up the second clue.

Brick: After we killed their general, the remaining Lance either joined us in New Haven or went rogue.
The rogue ones set up shop in Old Haven, robbin’ and murderin’ anyone within a turd’s throw of their little city.

>> Vault Hunter picks up the third clue.

Brick: After a few weeks, Roland and Lilith headed to Old Haven and wiped the rest of the Lance out.
The Lancemen kept sayin’ somethin’ about a treasure of stolen loot they’d stashed somewhere.

>> Vault Hunter picks up the fourth clue.

Brick: You got all the map pieces, huh? Looks like you should go to the Caustic Caverns and follow the clues.
Everything goes well, you’ll be one rich Slab.

>> Mission objectives update:
Follow clues
Under the acid-soaked railway
In the warehouse on the shore
In the digger’s shadow
Within Dahl’s bloody sixth

>> Vault Hunter arrives at Caustic Caverns and activates all switches in their corresponding locations.
>> Mission objectives update: Access top floor facility
>> Vault Hunter takes an elevator up to the Varkid Ramparts.

>> Mission objectives update:
Find treasure

>> Fighting his way through swarms of spiderants, at the end he finds Dahl red chest.

Brick: Hey-hey! You found it! Good goin’.

>> Mission objectives update: TURN IN!

>> Vault Hunter opens the chest which turns the mission in.

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