9 New Most Exciting Games You Would Like to Play in 2019


In order to make the best use of our leisure time, everyone likes to play some video game.
Online available video games do not only attract the children but also have a great attraction for adults, the main reason behind is that there are hundreds of games available on the internet according to every individual’s preferences.

So, there is a long list of video games considered 2019 best games.
That do not only have a great interest for the children but also make the adult persons get lost in their charm.
But there is one thing common in all of these games that they all enhance your problem-solving skills and time management skills.
In this article, I am going to have a short review of some of the most interesting games being played by a majority of people around.

1. A Plague Tale

A Plague Tale

When you want to play a stealth game, you should never miss the chance to play the most exciting game A Plague Tale.
It all depends on the situation that how you play and how you fascinate with the game.
The game revolves around a forthright track, but still, you are fully free to choose how you can deal with problems that come along the levels.

The main weapon in the battle is Amica’s drape which she can easily use to throw rocks, but over the progression of the battle, you will reveal some more innovative weapons that will allow you do things like snuff fire or call for an assembly of rats. But primarily there is hesitation in Amicia to slaughter the rats, and when initially she does, it was a very shocking experience. And then she went straight to the church afterward.
Eventually, she’s compelled to kill the rats and other enemies many times, and A Plague Tale suggests some truly alarming ways to defeat enemies and solve problems. The Plague tale enhances one’s problem-solving ability while managing time and kills the enemies right on time.

2. Cadence of Hyrule

Cadence of Hyrule

I haven’t found anyone who is not fond of puzzles, from childhood till now we all like to solve puzzles and when it’s so much interesting like Cadence of Hyrule. I advise you to never miss it. The entire game is a type of like a puzzle with rhythm as players control Link, Zelda and the main character Cadence around Hyrule, reckoning out enemies’ programmed patterns are there to take them out on the accurate music’s beat.

As the game progress, there are definite puzzles which are musical that repay some special kinds of stuff and fragments of heart containers. The world is full of with these types of excessive musical tracks that keep the action moving onwards, the Hyrule of Cadence of Hyrule has caught the bug of music itself as the Octavo (the villain) has carried out devices of authority to a trickle of typical Zelda superiors, with imaginative results. The game Cadence of Hyrule enhances the players’ ability to solving a problem much easier with the music right on their nerves; half of the problem is already gone.


PUBG Finish Placement Prediction

PUGB or Player unknown’s Battle Ground is rapidly becoming the most widespread game in the whole world. You will find clusters of folks playing it in cafes, on street corners, across the world. It’s an entertaining method to devote time with your networks or to kill some time as the day ends.
One of the best parts about PUBG is that it’s easy to choose. It’s a Royale Battle game where you are released on an island with 99 other opponent players and the main aim is to be the only man standing.
On the one hand, PUBG is very easy to choose, but on the other hand, it’s not so much easy to conquer.
One of the most phrases you are going to hear from every person nowadays is I got a chicken dinner Last night. Not only they will tell you but you can easily see on their status.

4. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5

We are living in an era where the fear of playing horror games has been decreased down noticeably. Nowadays, most people love and enjoy to play scary games, so don’t miss another exciting game of horror Devil may cry 5. It is chiefly an adventure of action hack and slit video game published and developed by Capcom. Transversely in the game, the player can easily use the characters in diverse missions.
Each mission has its way of fighting the battle and becoming much stronger.
As the game progresses, the mysterious mystery behind V is exposed along with his link with Urizen. Capron has meant to make the game stable for both strangers and for the gamers who have returned by providing suitable, tough and new demons. The game continues to become scarier with horror sounds. We must say that it’s a very interesting game with every level becoming more interesting to be solved.

5. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled game released in late June 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
Mario Kart is the dorm-room king of racers of kart, and the Crash Racing Team is the crazy WWE correspondent that take-ups the blue shells and bananas with a thunderous gunshot of nostalgia. It’s a powerful mix that never drifts away from being a stiff challenge for friends as its color-rich exterior is elevated by a balance of positive vibes and precision. It’s Crash after all, and Nitro-Fueled is pimped out to be a pinnacle in PlayStation racing games.

The game revolves around in an adventure mode, where players unlock new levels by collecting trophies, relies upon and gems and by winning the races. It takes around 5-10 hours to complete the Adventure Mode.
The most exciting benefit of getting over your opponent player was to pick up weapons and power-ups or crates of fruit to achieve more Wumpa Fruit. When all of the four trophies are collected, only in a single level, a level named ‘Boss Garage’ is unlocked. and after defeating the opponents in that level a ‘Boss Key’ is won which leads the players to get on the next level.

6. Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi's Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World was released on the date: March 29, 2019. It’s published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch.
The game sold around 1.1 million copies worldwide in only three days!  making it one of the best-selling games on Switch
It belongs to the Platformer genre and developed by Good-Feel, a Japanese video game developer.
The world never gets tired of playing adventures which are cardboard cutout style. Yoshi’s Crafted World is a good lovable numbskull into a 2.5D cardboard cutout-style adventure.

There’s Smiley Flowers, egg throwing and a subplot that involves Baby Bowser’s and Kamek mission to become Best Friend Forever’s, but it Sticks with your heart wall by being an adept Mario platformer that looks like a photorealistic shoebox diorama. Every level is built to be discovered from numerous angles and it ups the fuzzies with delightful multiplayer strategies and a group of unlockable costumes that varies from Bills of Bullet to accurate trash bins. Yoshi’s Crafted World is a Saturday morning collection that’s flawless for adults and kids, and it uses an extraordinary amount of color and imagination to show that Yoshi wasn’t intended to be kicked off a cliff.

7. Judgment

Judgment video game

Judgment was released on the date: June 25
The game “Judgment” is a thrilling drama story that you have never heard before. We are living in the 21st century where the world is full of stories containing victories. Studio Gotoku has forced Kamurocho’s world, much more, functional as their post-Yakuza by product suggests a fallen prosecutor has twisted into a private detective who gets trapped in his accessory to the reality. The whole thing rolls on like a Wright Phoenix & Order & Law performance which is co-directed by Steven Seagal and Antoine Fuqua, and there’s the diverse container of moves EX, sequences of the chase, relays of drone, missions of the selfie, and there is a dual player of the Fighting AM2’s Vipers.
The game is complicated, fascinating, purely heart-filled, and it redefines the solving genre of crime. The murder mystery begins when an alley behind a bar in Kamurocho, Japan. It was for the third time, a member of yakuza has been found deceased with his eyes extorted out, and lawyer turned into a private eye Takayuki Yagami is irritating to get to the lowest of it. A wild story explains connecting numerous yakuza relations, lawyers, cops, and a medical research hospital.

As Yagami, troupes have to take to the streets of Kamurocho to figure out who murdered these troupe members, why they’re being murdered, and what other shaded things are going miserable.
Screws and turns keep the exploit and story affecting forward as the troupe, which are colorful grows and new ones get familiarized. Through the whole game, you will hunt people through the roads, conclude accused, gather indications, fight infinite volumes of attackers.

8. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 was released on the date: January 25
Resident Evil 2 which was released in 1998 was a phenomenon of culture while the Resident Evil 2 2019’s is Capcom’s effort at striking everybody with a complaint of noise for screaming about some ditch coat-wearing monster who views race walking as a pastime American. The re-creation is still positioned around City of Raccoon and why it’s attractive much to Portland but for zombies, but it ditches tank panels for the viewpoint that would make any RE fan’s head pop.

In resident evil 2, it’s puzzle-solving gameplay in which players have joined police of rookie and college student Claire Redfield who is deprived together from water by a catastrophic outbreak in the city of Racoon which has transformed the crowd in deadly zombies. The main aim of resident evil 2 is the fate of the two-man to work in hands in hand to survive all the terrifying attacks which have been bombarded on the city.
The hardest challenge is to fight all the battles on the field and to survive till the end of the battle is the real victory.

9. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was released on the date which is 22nd March.
The game Sekiro is not for the people who have a weak heart. It’s a game based on 30-plus hours; you will revenue the character of a shinobi who is faithful. Who tracks a lonely retaliation in a visual tale of a wonderful world that requests inquisitiveness and investigation? But being a from software game, it splits from “Souls borne” type to a theme to a dissimilar type of cruel that highlights endurance and accuracy.

That request which makes the game one of the most convincing video games of this past decade.
Every duel begins with jitters, and a nervous stepping back and forth, a careful circling of my opponent.
I, like Wolf, the protagonist of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, raise my sword, and my opponent raises their weapon, whether it be a sword, a stave, or something stranger.
Eventually, one of us strikes, and we clash—a wild burst of shining metal, flying sparks, blocks and parries, and attacks—until one of our backs away, or one of us makes an error.
Usually, the error is mine, but I’m not easy to beat. I’m usually the weaker fighter, but I’m also usually the most determined.
That kind of thing goes farther unexpectedly.
This game will enhance your abilities not only in games but also in daily routine activities.

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