Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders

As we saw in chapter one, Henry was trying to escape from the workshop using some of the clues he found.
Later on, in the Old song chapter 2, this was the first time he encountered Ink Bendy and meet Sammy to see how he is captured under Bendy’s effect.
And In the previous chapter 3 (rise and fall) he finds Boris and must fill all of Alice angle’s requests to get a chance to escape from the building.
Chapter Five: The Last Reel (last)
Let’s see what happens in chapter 4 that was released on April 30, 2018.
Henry is on his search for Boris.

Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Rescue Boris

Henry wakes up in a room on Level S.
The elevator is broken and ink is drooping into the room.
Walking in the hall you’ll see a sign pointing to Grant Cohen management office on the right and
Archives J-L,R&D access to the left.

Enter the Archives

Taking left to the Archives, the door will not open as the turnwheel is missing.
Go back to the right into the management room to find the turnwheel inside.
There is also unknown tape on the desk with the voice of a man screaming.
Return to the Archives room to open the door.

Locate the Secret Passage

Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 4- Locate the Secret Passage

Inside there is a round room with Ink figures on the desk and a sign that says he will set us free”.
The room is surrounded by bookshelves and there is another inner room with a table in the middle and a tape.
In the tape, Susie Campbell talks about how Joey double-crossed her after telling her she’s absolutely perfect.
See’s adding that Alice doesn’t like liars and it looks like she’s planning something for him.

You’ll find a door with the sign “PRIVATE” with 5 lights above the exit.
In the inner room, there are 5 books showing a bit out that you need to push back.
Pushing back the books will turn the lights on to open the door.
After pushing the second book, lights will turn on in the room, however,
after pushing the 3’rd book henry will experience a brief disruption, some kind of an illusion and the room will be shaking for a few seconds.

Enter the Darkness

The door is now open and Henry finds himself on a wooden bridge.
Walking on he sees a broken gear that he needs to fix to cross the bridge.

Repair the Bridge
Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 4-repair the bridge

Going back in the corridor, new items will reveal in the room.
Pulling the lever will show a small container of ink that you should take.
In the room, you shall see a bacon soup can and If turning the valve behind, it will create a Swollen Searcher.
Take the ink and put it in the Ink Maker where the gear is.
On the right side of the Ink Maker, select the gear icon to be on the dial and then activate it.
This will create a new gear wheel for you.

Now you can activate the roller system to bring the bridge cart and to cross the bridge.
Once the cart is close enough, jump in to arrive at the other side of the bridge.
Dramatic music will be playing in the background.

Getting off the cart and opening a wooden door, Henry will experience another illusion.
He will vision inky arms whispering inside a scary corridor reaching out from the walls and trying to catch him.
Walking and reaching the end of the corridor, the sound of Alice speak saying “I see you there, my little errand boy. Your angel is always watching”.
She will ask him a few questions for what he seeks and will say that he should hurry to save Boris.
In this part, there are steel chains moving and one soup can on the shelf.

Climbing up the stairs, Henry arrives at a room with a few sofas and an old record player is playing background music.
From the balcony he will see an inky person walking and talking to himself, “he always finds me, oh no. I just want to go home. when we go home”
In the next room, he sees a group of inky people who are the lost ones.
On the Walls there is graffiti with the words “it’s time to believe“ and “he will set us free”.
Inside Henry will see an open vent and a flashlight beside it.
If henry goes into the vent,  two lost ones will stand where the opening is to block his way.
He must go through the vents to reach the corner and then Ink Bendy will show to jumpscare him.
She’s behind the shutter and can’t touch him but she’s touching the vent with her fingers.
Walk until you come to a room with a door with the banner Storage 9.

Objects in the room are a sofa, chair, a few boxes and a big statue of Bendy.
near the stairs, there is a Bendy doll and a sign saying “Come up and see me”.

Climbing up the stairs, there is a round room with a table and tape recorder with the voice of Bertrum Piedmont.
He is proud to build attractions and colossal wonders to all kind of high-level investors,
but feels humiliated because Joey Drew introduces him as Bertie and it looks like he seeks for revenge.

Pushing the lever in the room and taking the downstairs opens the door to a big warehouse near Storage 9 entrance.
The room has string lights and a banner with “Bendy Hell” , the is music playing in the background.
Taking the stairs down, there is a record of Wally Franks where he speaks about guys that kept locking them selfs out
of their own backroom. he suggests them to play games to knock open the door and this saves him from going down to the warehouse.
Walk toward another door to find the entrance to the Haunted house and to get the next objective.

Power the Haunted House

Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 4-Power the Haunted House

Under the face of Alice Angel, there is a power box with 4 switches labeled and one bigger unlabeled switch.
These switches have cords which leads to four different rooms at different parts of the house.
To unlock a room, Henry needs to play mini-games (remember the hint from Wally Franks tape).
If playing two of the games like strength test( hit the hammer), mini bowling or target shooting he can open the first room by getting the passing “ding” sound.
Entering the room, he needs to pull the power switch to deliver power for the Haunted House.
The process then repeats itself.

Playing the strength test mini-game opens the door to the Research and Design room, but if done before opening the first door nothing will happen.
This will be delayed until the first switch of the power box is pulled.
After hitting the bell, Twisted Alice reminds Henry that Boris is waiting.
“Tell me, are you having fun? I’m sure Boris doesn’t mind waiting for his rescue party”

In the Research and Design room, Henry must distract the Butcher Gang enemies by throwing empty cans of Bacon Soup over them.
The room on the right holds the power switch Henry will need, a Lost One is crying in a fetal position, and an audio log of Lacie Benton, talking about how she’s the only employee not complaining about her work condition “Still, I’m not complaining, I get most of the time to myself. suits me just fine“, and her only concern is the disturbing mechanical demon in the corner which bothers her and gave her the creeps.

The room on the left holds the switch to the door, which must be used in order to leave the room.
Hitting the corresponding switch back at the Haunted House unlocks the next room.

In Attraction Storage, Henry will come across a deceased Striker and an amusement park ride.
Playing the audio log on the table nearby will soon trigger the boss fight against Bertrum which looks a part of the machine.
Henry must defeat Bertrum, using the axe that Bertrum left after demolishing the table within that room in order to unlock the next power switch and to be permitted to leave the room.

In Maintenance, Henry will encounter the Projectionist again, wandering through the inky section of the room.
There’s an audio log from Joey Drew in that same room, and a switch Henry needs to access the next part of the room.
Upon hitting the switch, however, the Projectionist will be aware of Henry’s presence and will give chase, even following Henry up the stairs.

Henry must hit the power switch in the previously inaccessible section of the room.
This will cause the lights to go out temporary, making the Projectionist disappear.
Once Henry climbs the stairs towards the way out, the Projectionist will immediately pop out and give chase once more.
Henry must hide in the Little Miracle Station at the top of the stairway.
Although Henry is safe inside the station, The Projectionist is aware that Henry is inside and will attempt to reach Henry within the station before the screen distorts one last time.

This time, Ink Bendy bursts into the room and engages in a fight with the Projectionist, ultimately winning by decapitating The Projectionist.
After tossing the head at the station, Ink Bendy peers at Henry within the station, before dragging The Projectionist’s body away into a wall.
After hitting all the switches, Henry will receive the next objective.

Defeat Boris

Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 4-rescue BORIS

The doors to the Haunted House will open, and upon entry, there will be the words “Turn Back” painted on the wall, and evil laughter playing in the background. Henry must climb into the cart to proceed.

Upon doing so, Twisted Alice speaks to Henry “And now, the ride truly begins, Henry.”, remarking how nobody in the studio controls Joey Drew Studios and asking Henry what his real reasons are for coming back.
Near the end of the ride, Twisted Alice concludes her speech by telling Henry that she has a surprise waiting for him.
The ride will enter the final room ( the Ballroom), which has a bunch of clutter, a pipe organ, and an Ink Maker.
At the last door is a dark room, and the cart is suddenly stopped by Brute Boris, now already transformed into a hulking creature.
Henry cries “Boris!! No, no….what has done to you ?!”
After he tosses the cart (with Henry in it) away, the Brute Boris boss battle begins.
Alice laughs saying ”Meet the new and improved Boris…And this time there’s no Ink demon, no escape”

Henry must dodge Brute Boris charge attacks, and collect blobs of ink that Brute Boris will drop when resting briefly before the ink disappears. He must put them in the Ink Maker and produce a Gent Pipe to defend himself with.
Each Gent pipe has only one hit capacity, forcing Henry to make another each successful hit on Brute Boris. After a couple of hits, additional carts will enter the room, which Brute Boris will use to throw at Henry.
To kill him, Henry must hit Brute Boris three times with the pipe.
Dying will reset the number of hits, but it is possible for the materials in the Ink Maker to remain functional if Henry has not already used them.

As Brute Boris dies, Twisted Alice will shout angrily at Henry and exclaim that he never dies.
After watching Brute Boris waste away, Twisted Alice will appear from the door where Brute Boris entered and charges at Henry before being stabbed in the back by Allison Angel.
After collapsing to the ground, Henry will come face-to-face with Allison and Tom, before the screen cuts to black, ending the chapter.

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