Apex legends Best Tacticians To Play The Game

Apex legends: Guide to Glory!

The game looks familiar with many Battle Royale games circulating in the gaming arena. However, detail character functions and their individual properties make it a must-have the game on your PC, PS or Xbox. A team game with 20 teams of 3 players each start and the team remaining at the end of the round wins. A combination of offensive, defensive and team saving skills propel you to the mount of the championship in every round. This guide paves way for you to reach the summit of winning more often than not. You may not be new to Battle Royale style games so the basics are the same. However, we have come up with a 5-minute read that will push you towards better gameplay every time you drop in!

Dropping Gives You The Winning Start

This is where you take an edge from the very first action in the game. You glide out with your team and the player who selects his character in the last is the designated jumpmaster. Therefore, it is imperative that you select the right place to jump and land. Tilt your camera downwards to attain maximum speed. However, be careful about the tall structures that can pull you down immediately.

Pro Tip: All teammates should land as close to each other as possible

Movement Is All That Matters

Learning advanced movements can be beneficial in the long run as it is one of the things that differentiates a good player from a bad one. You can easily learn some of the moves from YouTube that include Sliding, Bunny Hop, Climbing walls, Boost Jumping and wall kicking. You can use these moves to run away from a tricky situation without getting a lot of damage.

Pro Tip: Carry only necessary items in your inventory as it allows you to move faster

Battle Strategy Is The Best Planning Method

Since this is a shooting game, you need to shoot and kill your opponents (they re-spawn as well, so be careful). You only win when all players of every team are killed. Once you are in a battle, your cross-hair shows the HP of the opponent so you can decide to fight on or run away. Moreover, the circle of playing or the ‘Ring’ shrinks after a certain time. The next area of the circle and time remaining before the shrink can be seen on the minimap. Use this info and always play on the edge of the circle.

Pro Tip: If you have multiple players in your crosshair, reduce HP or more players rather than trying to kill one only.

Team Strategy: Don’t Be The Weakest Link

Since this is a team game, your team is as strong as the weakest link. You cannot control your partners, so try not to be the weakest link in the team. If you play long enough with the same set of players, you should learn their strengths and weaknesses. Try to play in the same zone but keep a certain distance so all three of you are not in the line of fire from the same opponent or team.

Pro Tip: you can use one team member (possibly the weakest in aiming) as bait to lure in the opponent and then finish him off from a camping position.

Looting Makes All The Difference

You will never have all the guns and ammo that you require. Therefore, looting or getting it off the opponent is the best way to get what you want. Moreover, you can also find loot from Supply Bins (white pill-shaped structures), Loot Ticks (Apex Packs), Supply Drops (can be called) and opponent loot boxes when they die. However, always arrange your backpack systematically so you only carry what is required.

Pro Tip: Use the color-coding to know what kind of ammo you are approaching.
(Light Brown = Light Rounds, Shotgun Shells = Red, Heavy Round = Light Blue, Energy Ammo= Green).

Supply Drops Are The Real Life Savers

This supply drops also appear to drop randomly on the map. However, do remember that the drop is slow in nature and gives more time for enemies to gather around waiting for it to reach the ground. However, air supply drops have a better variety of powerful gear required in the round to survive and kill. It is worth mentioning that many players can see the airdrop and take cover for the first person to make the move. Therefore, take extra caution while approaching a dropbox and employ your teammates to give you cover while you do so. Some weapons like the Kraber sniper rifle and Mastiff shotgun are only available through airdrops.

Pro Tip: Ammo is not available easily for legendary weapons and if found in the air supply drop, must be kept safe and use with extra precaution.

Hp Is Of Essence

You start with a basic of 100 HP but you can enhance your winning probabilities by using armor. The armor is rated as common (white/grey), uncommon (Blue), Rare (Purple) and Epic (Yellow/Golden). Each armor has its own addition to the HP bar so you can choose which to throw away and which to keep. Moreover, shield cells can be used to enhance fuel your armor points. However, you should always look for Yellow or Purple armor as they have the following extra advantages:

  • Yellow/Gold Helmet allows you to dish out faster tactical and Ultimate Moves
  • Armor shields refill automatically after every damage but take time so look for boosters
  • Health and shield consumables in the backpack heal you in half the time as compared to the other three rated armors

Pro Tip: Always fuel up your HP after a battle 

Healing Is More Important Than Hp

You will get shot at, which means that you will lose your HP. Therefore, using tactics to heal your HP throughout the game is highly essential. You can use the following

Type Time to utilize HP increase Precaution
Syringe 5 seconds (can move) 25 HP to your armor Available all across the map and 6-8 can be carried
Med Kit 8 seconds (cannot move) Completely fills HP to 100 Take cover before using
Shield Cells 3 seconds (can move) Adds 25 HP to your armor Only heals armor
Shield Battery 5 seconds (cannot move) Completely fills Shield to 100 Take cover
Phoenix 10 seconds (cannot move) Fills HP and shield completely till 100 Very rare to find so use carefully
Ultimate accelerant One time boosted increase Boosts accelerant by 25% Accelerant replenishes gradually without the use of this as well


Pro Tip: The best way to use this accelerant is by feeding it to the legend “lifeline” as she has the ultimate to call a drop pod that comes in with high tier items like armor and ammo

Map Shenanigans

As in all the Battle Royale games, knowing and using the map to your advantage is of prime importance. You can revive a dead teammate within 90 seconds. However, if you are unable to do it within 90 seconds, you can do it by utilizing the respawn centers. They are marked by green crosshairs on the map. The map with the legend below gives you a definite headstart.
apex legends resource map

Pro Tip: The total map area is about 1.9 Square Kilometers and the 1st ring is about 1 Km in diameter

 This guide may not tell you about each and every nook and corner of Apex Legends but certainly pushes you in the right direction.
Just as you cannot learn swimming till you get in the water, you can’t learn the game without playing and applying these minute tips in your game strategy.

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