Hollow Knight Pale Ore Locations

What is Pale Ore?

Pale Ore on Hollow Knight is one of the rarest items found in six different locations throughout Hallownest.
Hollow Knight is a video game where performance in battle is only the lifeline of the protagonist; however, you will ensure that you’re heading enemies in every battle with the best possibilities. Although it’s a bit tough to acquire, its rewards are juicy and enticing. Merely visiting the Nailsmith, you can upgrade your Nail approx. For each piece of Pale Ore, you are additionally using a bit amount of Geo that you have. It clears that the Nail of the character will become unbeatable, offering more damage power via melee strikes to foes throughout the game.
This post will cover How to Find Pale Ore in Hollow Knight – A Complete Guide for You.

Available in Six different Locations

This collectible item is tough to find, and you would be amazed to know that it is scattered throughout the Hollow Knight in only six different locations. As you might know, finding Pale Ore can be a painful process if you don’t know where to find. It becomes more annoying when you’re searching for last Pale Ore, but can’t seem to locate it no matter what you do.

That’s the main reason we’re in to help you via this guide to find the location on the map to locate Pale Ore. You can quickly discover Pale Ore in six different areas and their names are the following:

  1. Hallownest’s Crown
  2. Ancient Basin
  3. Deepnest
  4. Grubfather
  5. The Seer
  6. Colosseum of Fools

Visit Dream Bug
pale ore Dream Bug
If you are serious about obtaining a Pale Ore, then you should work hard your way to gather 300 to 400 essence and then visit the Dream Bug to acquire a Pale Ore.

Visit the Seer
With 300 to 400 essence, you’ll get your hands with a Pale Ore by merely visiting the Seer.

Visit the Grub King
pale ore Grub King
You better know how much essential Pole Ore in the game. So the gathering process of it could be complicated, but with a bit of hard work, you can quickly obtain them. You can receive this collectible item in only six locations as I mentioned above. Here’s the third, but a simple way to get a Pale Ore is to gather Grubs and encounter the Grub King to receive a Pale Ore as a reward.

Collect Souls
The game may reward you with a Pale Ore for gathering souls and transforming them into at the Resting Grounds.

Hallownest’s Crown
pale ore Hallownest's Crown

Hallownest’s Crown serves as a sub-area of Crystal Peak, a deserted peak fully covered with shining glyphs and a massive statue that resembles the Radiance. You can access this area by either using bouncing off of enemy projectile or Monarch Wings. To find a Pale Ore in one of six different locations, you need to visit the Monarch Wings (the only spot that needs some extra tools to locate Pale Ore).

You can still access this item using some platforming skills, but the complete method is made within no time by only having the Monarch Wing at first glance. To obtain a Pale Ore, you’ll have to navigate the top of Crystal Peak and walk around the way to the left. After covering some distance, you can see a statue of The Radiance with a sleeky item discovered at the base. By investigation, you will receive a Pale Ore. Be aware, the way is full of enemies, and you have to kill them first before they slay you to end the game.

Ancient Basin
pale ore Ancient Basin

The lowest part of Hallownest, closely devoid of life, populating with only strange creatures and scavengers. It was the home of the Pale King, along with his guards and consorts, serving as the only original location of the White Palace. You would be amazed to know that the western side of the Ancient Basin contains the corpse of a Vessel fully covered by infected creatures, including Infected Balloons and Lightseeds. After taking down the antagonist, the Monarch Wing can be obtained.

How to get Pale Ore?

You can find the location of Pale Ore starting at the main entrance of the map coming from Deepnest. The site can be seen left of the tram station, and to access it, you have to take on two Lesser Mawleks. After defeating them, you need to continue your movement toward the left side, and then you will obtain an item that will grant you 2nd Pale Ore.

pale oreDeepnest

This area is hidden deep in the Hallownest’s southwest corner, populated with crawling spiders of all sizes and shapes. A massive webbed structure is situated to the west in the Beast’s Den, comprising the Dreamer Herrah the Beast. While exploring the environment, you will encounter some characters, and their names are the following:

  • Mister Mushroom
  • Midwife
  • Mask Maker
  • Zote the Mighty
  • Cloth

Deepnest has four sub-areas, and each has unique creatures, characters, and bosses to face off. The four sub-areas are the following, such as Distant Village, Beast’s Den, Failed Tramway, and Weaver’s Den.

Where’s Pale Ore?

You may know that only two bosses are available on this map awaits you to kill. But killing these bosses will reward you unbelievable prizes not only increase your abilities, but the damage power also. You can find Pale Ore by killing the secret boss, named Nosk. While navigating the Hot Spring in Deepnest, you will find out a breakable wall your way, leading your knight into a set of dark tunnels. So gradually moving in a downward direction will make your way into the lair of Nosk. The game grants you a Pale Ore with the defeat of Nosk.

pale ore Grubfather

The players who’re in search of a Pale Ore can easily find it by visiting the Grubfather, located in the Forgotten Crossroads’ North West corner in a small room filled with dens for each grub. You should know that this room is referred as the Grubhome and will reward you for each discovered Grub. In short, grubs are small creatures found stuck in glass jars throughout Hallownest. The cute creature can talk in babbles and can’t be spoken to. They will flee once the pot breaks using the Nail.

Find a Pale Ore in this Map

They are non-player characters discovered only in the northwest areas of Forgotten Crossroad, as I mentioned above. They are scattered throughout the map, and returning them to the initial location earns you a set of rewards depending on the numbers of grubs you collected. If you successfully return 31 maggots, you will be granted a Pale Ore.

The Seer
pale ore The Seer

Seer is a quest Non-player Character found in Hollow Knight. She is responsible for providing you with the Dream Nail and grants you a set of rewards depending on how many Essense you have obtained successfully. The seer acts as the last remaining member of the Moth Tribe. The seer tends the Resting Grounds’ grave and helps the Knight because she regrets that her minions forgot about the builder, the Radiance. When your character gathered over 2400 Essence and comes back to her, she will define further information about Hollownest’s history.

The seer will help you outcome back to the house after the knight is stuck in the dream realm by the Dreamers. The rewards will different upon having various amounts of Essence.
A list of awards is the following:

Hallownest Seal – Essence (100)

Spirits’ Glade – Essence (200)

Pale Ore – Essence (300)

Dream Wielder Charm – Essence 500()

Vessel Fragment – Essence (700)

Dream Date – Essence (900)

Arcane Egg – Essence (1200)

Mash Shard – Essence (1500)

Awoken Dream Nail – Essence (1800)

How to obtain a Pale Ore?

Upon approaching the Resting Grounds, you will meet the Seer. After that, she will grant you access to the Dream Nail, a most prominent item that allows you to navigate the sweet dreams of other Non-player Characters. After that, the item enables you to collect as many essences as possible from Ghosts, Dream Bosses, and Dream Warriors. Thus, if you come back to the Seer with 300 Essence, she will grant you a Pale Ore.

Colosseum of Fools
pale ore Colosseum of Fools

The beautiful kingdom once the house of the strongest warriors. However, mostly appeared not for riches, see the king, answers, but to compete in the Colosseum of Fools, a fighting match pit survivors against each other. It serves as an area found in Kingdom’s Edge where your character may partake in three different trials, in which they battle against hordes of foes in an arena fully observed by a massive crowd of bugs. To unlock the additional trial, you have to take down the previous trial and pay some in-game currency to increases each trial. In this area, you will discover some NPCs and their names are the following:

  • Little Fool
  • Tiso
  • Zote the Mighty

Upon getting access to this map, you need to get ready to battle against numerous enemies roaming the environment freely to find and kill you. The game pits you against waves of enemies in a set of trials of escalating difficulty. However, the trials include:

  • The Trial of the Conqueror
  • The Trial of the Warrior
  • The Trial of the Fool

By completing the first trial, you will receive a Pale Ore and up to 1800 Geo (in-game currency). After having all these pieces and coming back to the Nailsmith, your nail will be fully upgraded. The game will boost your powers of damage and performance of your weapons dramatically and change the way you use to take down enemies. Undoubtedly, there is much more to navigate, so it doesn’t mean your journey becomes ends after having all the Pale Ore.

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