Borderlands 2 Safe And Sound

Mission Brief

Safe and Sound is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 that takes place in Caustic Caverns.
The mission is given by Marcus and becomes available after Rising Action mission is complete.

At level 20 the rewards are 3859 XP, $868 and can be Lucrative Opportunity which is a unique relic
that speeds up the shop timer rate, the time taken for the vendors and their machines to restock.
The Lucrative is obtained by giving the compromising pictures of Moxxi to Marcus in the mission.

But you can also get Heart Breaker  which is a unique Shotgun that features a high projectile count to ammo cost ratio,
adds +50% critical hit damage bonus and restores 2% of damage dealt as health.
The Heart Breaker is obtained if the pictures are brought to Moxxi.


During the assault on Sanctuary, Marcus lost his personal safe.
You need to go to the Sanctuary to find and return Marcus’s safe content.

Find Marcus’s Safe
You need to find the Sanctuary Hole that is located in the area of Three Horns – Divide.

Kill Sanctuary squatters
This is optional, but if you kill 25 local bandits you’ll get a bonus.

Go down to the Caustic Caverns
On the lift down and taking the stairs, you’ll reach Caustic Caverns.
You’ll find the area of Oozing Discharge populated with volatile crystalisks
As you find the safe, you’ll face a giant crystalisk named Blue, he has ranged shock attack that can quickly drain shields
and can generate juvenile exploding crystalisks.
Blue is also able to regenerate some of his health, so the best way to defeat him is using explosive weapons and to snipe him
from a hide.

Open safe
The safe is just near the place Blue was.
Opening the safe, you’ll pick up 3 lewd pictures of Moxxi.
Marcus will ask you to return the content quickly to him, while Moxxi will ask for the pictures inside before her 3’rd ex-husband sees them.

Option 1: Bring the pictures to Marcus
The reward will be the Lucrative Opportunity item to speeds up shop timer’s machines to restock for special items.

Option 2: Bring the pictures to Moxxi:
The reward will be the Heart Breaker Shotgun.

Safe and sound blue glitch

Some users report about a blue glitch not dying.
Even if destroying all of his leg crystals no damage is inflicted on his body.
Others claim blue is stuck in textures and not responding to hitting him.
As it seems the glitch came from a patch to boost Blue’s health.
The solution is restarting the area or turning VSYNC off in video options.

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