The Ins and Outs Of Red Dead Redemption 2

The world is all about handheld first-person battle royale games at the moment.
However, there is a large number of old school horses that are still in love with first-person shooter games that has a storyline and a campaign that keeps them busy for hours looking for the right way to finish the game.
Red Dead Redemption 2 is one such game set up in the era of Wild West and today we will be shedding light on some insights that no game manual will tell you. Of course, everything cannot be covered in one blog post but all gamers know that they just need a hint and then it is their intuition that helps them find out deep tips and tricks hidden in the game code by the developers.
Let us look at those natural insights of RDR2!

Movement Is Key

You can run like in every other game but be wary of the fact that your character does get tired.
The map is huge so you can use a stagecoach or a train to move from one location to another. Moreover, once you visit a place on the map it can be accessed easily and you can just jump back like super Mario.
However, in order to do so, you will need to upgrade your camp to Dutch Lodgins where you can purchase a map. This gives you a drop-down menu for allowing you to fast jump to places that you have already visited.

Camp Is Where The Magic Lies!

The game is as close to reality as it gets. Therefore, your character named Arthur needs to sleep, rest, eat and even take a bath to keep his health intact. All basic elements of survival on a daily routine are available in camps. Remember, that you can upgrade your camp which allows you larger space and better/quicker facilities. You must try to get the Dutch Lodgings to upgrade for the map as soon as possible. This allows more people to lodge at your camp and earn you more money. You are also responsible for keeping the camp morale high which you can do by keeping the supply of ammo, meds, and food coming. A happy camp will make you rich quick. The money can then be used to sail through the game later on!

Learn Firing At The Earliest

This is what it comes down to! Use auto-aim while running or on the back of the horse. However, the game has a Dead Eye option, similar to Sand of Tims in Prince of Persia. Once you activate the dead eye, the game comes to a standstill and you can mark multiple targets before the first bullet is fired. You have a limited window to select targets so be quick. Once the dead eye is released, your character fires on all targets one by one, in a flash. Remember, to upgrade the Dead Eye as it gives you more time and targets with every level up!

Horses Are The Core Of The Game

Horses are one of the most important aspects of the game. Their variety ranges from wild horses and special horses. You can steal a horse but putting a saddle on it. Learn how to catch a horse in the wild as soon as you learn to start shooting. There is a spot in St. Denis where you can find all horses to spawn randomly. Save nearby, exit the game and reload to see a new horse spawn every time. The area is marked on the map below.

RDR2 find all horses to spawn randomly

The Best Horse Red Dead Redemption 2

The most sought-after a horse in the game is the white-coated Arabian is near Lake Isabella, which is close to Colter. The white Arabian horse will run around the lake and not stand still for long, so just bear that in mind.

Map Key

At the very beginning of Arthur Morgan’s grand adventure, you’ll start out in the very north of the map, in the Spider Gorge and move southbound. Once you move south, you go through Amberno and New Hanover, while finally reaching your destination at Lemoyne. Some key features of the map include:

Area of Map Sub-area What merchandise can you find here Dangers to look out for
Ambarino Mt Hagen, Grizzlies Snow-capped and very cold, hence warmth is advice through not walking and using a heat source to keep warm (plus proper clothing)
New Hanover Valentine Gunsmith, saloon, butcher and sheriff’s office Maybe riffed with Bandit Camps, Be careful!
New Hanover Annenberg The trading post and rich in cash A fort in the center that is heavily armed
Lemoyne Saint Denis, Rhodes, Scarlett Meadows, Lagras Home to crocs and outlaws so you can drag them down for the bounty money Many outlaws around so waving a gun may attract a bullet rather than answers
New Austin High-grade weapons and unique animals for pelts Not allowed to visit most of the game time and you should avoid getting shot in this area
West Elizabeth Strawberry High-grade weapons and unique animals for pelts Not allowed to visit most of the game time and you should avoid getting shot in this area

Money Making Tricks

You can make money through the following methods

  • Completing Story Missions
  • Selling your fish and hunted animals to the trapper
  • Steal and Tame horses and then sell them
  • Robbing passengers, stagecoaches, trains and stores (do pay off bounties on your head regularly)
  • Loot from dead bodies in bandit camps
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Mini-games at the pub
  • Finding hidden treasure
  • Helping People
  • Cracking Safe(s)

Know Your Guns

Knowing your guns is knowing your game.
Hunting a fish with large riffle or killing a man with a bow and arrow is a stupid way of handling your arms. Guns come in three standards to choose from:

Standard Guns
These are the guns that can be bought from a gunsmith from the very onset of the game.

Rare Guns
These are relatively rare guns that cannot be purchased from the gunsmiths and need to be unlocked through story campaign missions.

Unique Guns
These are the guns that you find in treasure hunts, killing gunslingers and completing side missions.

Moreover, you can make an ordinary gun do special things by adding accessories. The accessories you can add include

  • Scope
  • Barrel
  • Iron Sight
  • Stock
  • Wrap

General Strategy

Do keep in mind that the environment has a deep effect on your character. For example, wearing a coat in snow is important or you lose health. This is an everyday common sense that you have to apply to your character as well. Also remember that it is the Wild West so everybody has a gun. Therefore, always walk without the gun in your hand which makes you look like an average person on the map.

Pro Tip: Keep your health and stamina at max since you will need it in stressful times.

No guide will make you finish the game before its anticipated time.
However, by using this post as a helping tool, you can come up with solutions early and definitely boast on the new and cool horse that you have, that your friends don’t (age is not a limit to make your friends jealous, just like old times).
Happy Shooting!

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