Fallout 4 Maxwell’s World Mod Walkthrough

This is Fallout 4 Maxwell’s World Mod Walkthrough.
The mod is made of seven quest parts, with seven different possible endings that depend on your choices during the main quest.
It includes new enemies, new companions, and new weapons.
To learn more about another mod of FO4 read this post.
I hope you enjoy this mod and happy gaming!

Part 1: Dark Park
Fallout 4 Maxwell’s World Mod- part1

The mod starts in the DARK PARK where you need to find the Natick banks bunker.
You should respond to Gale’s distress radio signal.
“ If you’re hearing this frequency know that I have a job opportunity for you.
If you’re a scavenger a bounty hunter or a mercenary oh there’s a good day involved.
if you’re a Raider super mutant or a synth you know there’s several thousand pounds of lead involved either way.
I’m seeking to hire someone with skills, come to the old bunker at Natick banks and we’ll talk this message repeats”

Entering gale’s bunker, 17 turrets will be pointed at you while Gale is standing behind a shielded glass.
Put your weapons in the weapon trunk and go talking with her.
She will ask you to rescue her sister from Maxwell’s world, it an amusement park northwest of Boston
the size of a city. The legend says that Mr. Maxwell vaulted up a billion caps worth of treasure.

Jenna, her sister is a treasure hunter that went for the treasure and she’s missing.
She also tells that Maxwell’s world is haunted with ghosts but there’s never been anyone ever who returned from that part.
If you save Jenna, Gale promises you can get whatever you want experimental weapons tons of money you name it just get her back.

There are three ways to reach Maxwell’s world:

  • Take the train from the Boston metropolitan transit hub
  • Use “Ghost of the Tour Bus” in the old station that interstate car tunnel north of Salem
  •  Walk along the old highway to the northwest that runs by, but it is filled with storms and
    drugged-out Raiders

You’ll get upfront commission and the rest of the price you will negotiate when returning back with Jenna alive.

If taking the bus station route, you need to find the Ghost of the Tour Bus.
Walking in the bus station tunnels you’ll encounter few ghosts you need to kill them and then in one of the passages
You’ll find the bus. This will take you to a deserted place having gate and banner with the words Maxwell’s world.

Part 2: Powerball

Fallout 4 Maxwell’s World Mod- part2

Arriving at Maxwell’s World you will encounter Feral clowns and revelers on the streets and you need to fend off these monsters.
You’ll then see Jenna talking to the paladin Walance and than she’ll runoff. meet the two survivors inside the House of frights.
Inside, Walance speaks about the carnivorous bumper cars that killed his friends, while Jenna doubts it’s the case.

Jenna describes Maxwell as the old pre-war movie mogul, the guy in the suit that “taunts you, preaches at you. tries to get those robots to fuck with You”
And trying to escape is almost impossible because of the army made of weired ghouls giant robotic and a ghost that talks like a radio trying to steal souls.
Walance suggests restoring the power for the area to buy them some time and to provide a defense.

You’ll need to choose between Walance or Jenna to join you in the way to find the power station as one of them will need to stay and protect the house.
Going out, You’ll see Maxwell for the first time, he will welcome you sarcastically “it has been so long since we’ve received so many guests at once I must say”.
He will then ask if you ever been there before? And saying he never forget a face, despite the fact his face are scarred and burned.
Maxwell claims that you’ve been a patron of Maxwell’s world before a long time ago when it was all green and full of life and sure you will enjoy the park.
Then he disappears along with the group of believers that surrounds him.

Talking to Andrea and Andy the androids, they will suggest you buy food, guns, and ammunition from them.
Andy offers cursed cotton candy, cursed hotdog to heal you and cursed Nuka-Cola to clear the radiation as well as cursed popcorn and fusion cell.
But eating these foods will put you more under Maxwell’s influence.
Andrea has cluster Firework rocket, Fusion cell, heavy incinerator, Raygin pistol, flamer fuel, and some other cursed weapons.

Finding the main power station and going in, there is a terminal but you’ll not be able to restore the power at first.
Go down and activate the switch on each power unit, beware that inside you’re also exposed to high levels of radiation.
Then go back and restore the power from the terminal.

Right after the power is back, you need to escape from the power station because of the lighting ghost.
Follow Stoat and run in the employee tunnels to regroup in the haunted house.

Part 3: Fantastic Journey

Fallout 4 Maxwell’s World Mod- part3

Returning for the tunnels sets the alarms off but you need to find the source for the beeping.
Going upstairs in front of a control panel, Walance says that someone opened the west most gate, probably the ghoul from the power station.
Maxwell comes to a short visit explaining that the ghoul likes lights and attractions, so more power means higher change he will visit.
Jenna is hacking to the park’s main power setting, delivering just enough power for the haunted house.
Pick one of the team members to find the ghoul in the fantasy avenue.

Going in the avenue you’ll reach an electrified gate, you need to climb on the power line tower and press the switch and shut off the gate.
Inside you need to defeat the Merry go round carousoul that fires yellow acid.
Going next there is a hideaway with Stoat and dolls of monkeys with chimes.
Stoat says he’s free and “works against”, Maxwell can’t control his soul and the monkeys help with this.
He also promises he will help you to get out from Maxwell’s World and beat him.
Stoat warns from the food and weapons in the park that used as a means to serve and submit to Maxwell.
He adds that the haunted house is safe because Maxwell hates it.

You need to return with Stoat to the house going thru the tunnels.
He says they are the best way to avoid all kind of dangers, but has keepers inside.
In the house, Jenna asks Stoat why he saved them, he says this is because they were in trouble and want to leave the park.
He calls himself a professional park-escaper helping 50 other peoples already, even so, they didn’t manage to escape.

According to Stoat the only way out is secret VIP tunnel he cleaned once while trying to pass the gates is useless.
The location of this tunnel is in the park control tower at Maxwell’s headquarters which been locked down for over two centuries.
Getting to the power claimed so many lives because Maxwell knows and try to prevent this.

To release the lockdown, the best solution is to exploit a glitch, a little bug in the system.
The lockdown server will reset if I can’t communicate with any other main server, but only if authorized by one of the higher ranking operators.
Stoat conclude that to make this work, three things are necessary: shut down the main server, overload the main power grid and find operator’s keycard to sneak into the main tower.
Three new quests will open now to end the lockdown, enter the control tower and to escape:

  • Unconventional Plumbing in Raging Rivers -where you need to overload the main power grid to destroy the ancient massive pumping mechanism in the depths of the sewers.
  • The Future is Yesterday in Timetravle Mountain -go to hologram theatre to find the main server.
  • Under Destruction in Maxwell City to get a keycard

Part 4: Unconventional Plumbing

Fallout 4 Maxwell’s World Mod- part4

Take the employee tunnels to reach to the Raging Rivers along with Stoat.
The keepers will try to herd you, but there are small niches where you can hide to avoid them.
Next, you need to enter into the wrecked ship to find and destroy the pump system.

Inside the pump machine controls room, there are two hatches, take the one to your right and you will crawl into the sewers within a large Plumbing system.
Find a hole with white light near to a jellyfish window.
You will arrive at a new environment that looks like out space with large statues heads in the figure of MAXWELL.
Turn off all the directional valves you find to destroy the pump system and to complete the quest.

Part 5: The Future is Yesterday

Fallout 4 Maxwell’s World Mod- part5
Heading to Timetravel Mountain you need to find a way into the hologram simulation theatre to shut down the main server.
At the arrival expect reveler ghouls and feral clowns to attack you.
Using the master lock you’ll be able to open the door and to get into the theatre.
Climbing upstairs and entering the hall, shoot on the red hologram until you destroy it.
This will also shut down the main server.

Part 6: Under Destruction

Fallout 4 Maxwell’s World Mod- part6

Arriving at Maxwell City you need to find the vault coaster.
Walk on the bridge crossing deserted vehicles until you reach to the end of it.
On the roadside near an old factory and a Tractor, cross the barricades to find the vault coaster building.
Going in, take downstairs to search for the vault coaster, you be able to find it in a dead-end with a barricade.
You need to destroy the vault coaster to get the supervisor’s Keycard.

Part 7: Maxwell’s World Ending

Fallout 4 Maxwell’s World Mod- the end

There are a few possible endings for this quest based on the choices you made in the game.
Some will lead to failure in the quest.

You return to the house after the power is damaged and the server is down with the ID tag of a supervisor.
Next, is going to Maxwell’s control tower accompanied by Jenna, Walance, and Stoat.
Entering the tower, you hear Maxwell voice welcoming you “Welcome, dear, dear friends, to the big finale!”.
He will try to talk to each one of your companion members.
The first one will be Walance than you need to fight a group of armored knights, latter talking to Jenna
And fighting the scientist and then talking to Stoat and You.

Continue until you find a room with many file cabinets to open the doors of a private facility.
From there open a heavy shielded door to meet Maxwell and his clones.
After eliminating them all, You’ll need to pull two levers to open the door on the way out and to escape from Maxwell’s world.
Return to the bunker with Jenna to meet Gale.
It appears that Jenna is Gale’s mother and the deal is you got the Bunker and all that’s in it.
This is the good ending for Fo4 Maxwell’s World Mod.

How to get a good ending?

As I said, getting a good ending in Maxwell’s World is somehow tricky as the ending is dependent on three things: Choice points, curse points, and truth points.
There are 7 possible endings:
• 3 without curse but not all 6 truth points,
• 3 with curse plus Choice points,
One without curse and 6 truth points.

Curse points are added if you equip any cursed weapons or eat any cursed food.
Choice points can be obtained according to the table.
The highest amount of choice points determines the ending if you didn’t get all the truths.

Choice Points Action For
2 taking the train to the park the robot end
2 walking the highway to the park the drug end
2 taking the bus to the park the devil end
1 agreeing with Wallace the robot end
1 agreeing with Jenna the drug end
1 agreeing with Stout the devil end
1.5 going to time travel mountain first the robot end
1.5 going to raging rapids first the drug end
1.5 going to Maxwell city first the devil end

Truth points are split into 2 categories: Companion truths and location truths.

The companion truths can be earned by completing one of the three choice quests with a companion.
This opens up a new dialogue option on the left dialogue choice when speaking with them.
You must speak to the companion back at the haunted house after you complete the quest to get them to open up.
The companions are iffy at the moment, so the moment you complete one of the three choice quests, head back to the house and speak with them.
It is recommended you save stoat for last since he does not need you to be inside the house to hear his truth,
because once you complete the final choice quest, the companions will no longer speak with you inside the house and
will only ask if you are ready to complete the final quest.

The 3 location truths are:
• On the way to Maxwell city from raging rapids, you shall see a mountain.
Look around the base of the mountain for stairs.
Take to the stairs to the top and enter a hatch in the floor to enter the old temple.
Read a note sitting on an alter for 1 truth point.

• If you go to time travel mountain, beside the train tracks to the right of the entrance to sim mountain is an arcade.
Towards the back is a button on a pinball machine.
Press it and enter the newly opened doorway behind you.
Look in the door on the other side of the server in the room to find a terminal.
Read the notes inside for another truth.

• The final location truth is the employee tunnels, enter inside and head south.
Keep checking your pip boy’s local map until you see an entrance to the golly gee facility.
You must enter there form the north, so try to hug the wall and head north of the facility entrance.
Eventually, on your pipboy map, you shall see a circular room.
Enter and the path you entered from will close off leaving you in an infinite loop.
Keep walking in a circle until Maxwell talks to you and the path will open again.
This is currently glitched, so you shall have to noclip through the wall opposite the way you came in and this will you lead you onto the path the golly gee facility.
Enter, and you will find a terminal here.
Read it for the final location truth.

A cheat for forcing good end

At the end of a lockdown quest, each companion should tell their truth story.
If you get a random weird statement than you probably not on the way to get all 6 points for the good ending.
To see how many truth points you have, type in the console the command :
“getglobalvalue 1MAXPoints_True”
Before the final quest to Maxwell’s control tower starts, this value should be 6, if it’s not, you can still force a truth ending by using the command:
“set 1MAXPoints_True to  6”
This should allow you to get a truth ending and to complete the quest.
The console command to check the value of all points :
“help 1MAXPoints 0”


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