Pro Tips For The FIFA 2019 Fanatics!

90% of all Play Station® owners say that they bought the console for either of the two games namely COD or FIFA! In the age of mobile and handheld gaming, these two games have kept the console mongers up and running. Tips and tricks to ace COD will come later as today we look upon some of the insights of FIFA 19, a game that has been in service since 1994 which means that everyone who has ever played a video game has tried to score a goal in this legendary game. You can check every tip, trick and move from a YouTube video but those videos don’t have heart or inclusion of human emotions that we bring up in a writer post about FIFA 19. Let’s dive in (not like Neymar though) in the special tactics that will help you win and bring you bragging rights amongst your friends.

Timed Finishing  

One of the most notable changes in FIFA 19 as compared to all the other FIFA in the past years is the timed finishing. You will hit the ball with the shoot button just like in all the previous versions of the game, but just before you hit the ball, if you tap the shoot button again, the player will kick the ball with extra force, timing and placement.

However, this addition is difficult to master and requires a lot of practice which you cannot do in-game time crunch moments. Therefore, you need to practice it in the training mode where you should switch off all the helpers except for the timed finish bar. Once the bar turns green at the shoot, you have nailed the timing. Get some match practice with difficulty lowered and mismatched teams so the defenders give you ample time to practice this skill. Once you master it, you will hardly miss those top of the D screamers.

Pro Tip: if you find an open goal, just use the plain shooting as bad timing on the timed finish can scurry the ball wide.

Single Goal Button On Free Ball

When the ball goes free near the post, don’t mash the button like in all the previous versions. Because of the timed finish function, repeatedly using the shoot button will put the player in timed shoot mode and flay the shot wide easily. Just press the shoot button once and the nearest player will go for the kill. It will also take some practice, but missing out on open goals will add the restraint needed in your gameplay to avoid double or multiple taps on the shooting button.

Driven Crosses

Majority of the players use a single lob button to put in the aerial cross from the wing. However, a lot of players have learned to double or triple tap the lob button for dishing out a low or ground cross. However, FIFA 19 has an additional feature that allows you to pinpoint your player, especially when it has broken away from the defender. Just hold R1 while you deliver the cross and will more often than not bend in front of the defender and onto the feet of your perfectly positioned player. The advantage is driven crosses have over low cross is that you can add power by pressing the lob button for long so the ball reaches the player far away from your wing side.

Quick Tactics Mean Quick Wins

For ages, players have ignored quick strategy taps available with the movement arrow keys on FIFA. FIFA 19 has a fancy new tactic scheme that you must learn and use. The modes are the same that go from ultra-defensive to ultra-attacking but you can customize these options to make them just as per your game style. If you are playing a difficult opponent, and you score a goal, what do you do? Just press the left button 4-5 times and park the bus on the opponent.

First Touch Near Is First Touch Success

For years players have failed to maximize the first touch on the ball. Since the game has become so realistic, you need to think like professional footballers and their skill to turn an ordinary situation in a goal-scoring one just by changing the way they claim the first touch on the ball. Use the right stick to make a normal ball coming your way into a volley near the goal by just flicking the right stick towards the direction of the goal.

Pro Tip: Do not attempt a first touch flick away from the goal or when a defender is near you. Hold L2 for a dramatic finish volley attempt.

Win More In Air (Too)

For years and years, I lost the ball in air and just blaming fate for the ball angle or my player skill level. Little did I know that you can influence the situation once the ball is dropping in on your player from any angle. When you are waiting for the ball to drop, just hold the L2 button which will make your player jostle for it.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are in the prime receiving position rather than your player because it will just make you look like a jostling fool.

You Are A Keeper!

While the triangle/Through ball button makes the keeper dash uncontrollably to the opponent, another secret button gives you more control. All you need to do is press the right joystick and use the same stick to move the keeper manually. Pressing the triangle will make it dash right in the manual mode. Therefore, you can create panic in a corner situation or when the forward has broken through the last line of defense.

Don’t Rely On Pacy Ronaldo/Messi!

In the years gone by, players use to select Man U/Real Madrid/Barcelona for Ronaldo or Messi. These players could outrun any defense in the game and all you needed was a well-timed through ball in an open area for them to fetch it and put it in the goal. FIFA has tweaked this aspect in the 2019 version and breaking free with pace is not all that easy anymore. The newly introduced Active Touch system emphasis on dribbling and passing in order to make a move rather than just running in with one player alone. Pace has not been made toothless, but not as effective as it used to be!

Pro Tip: Go for well-built players that can shield the ball physically while on the field.

Use The Heavy Touch

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book which is still not used as much. Once you are running with the ball, all you need to do is press the right stick in the direction of your choice and the running player will lay the ball in front of him. The longer you press the stick, the longer will be the relay before the player latches onto it. You need to practice in order to use this great ability to perfection as a long ball makes the defender come into play easily.

Pro Tip: Use the long ball with wingers and especially the ones who have more speed than the defenders.

Close Pressure Is Key

Once you get a pass while your back is towards the goal and the defender is pressing, the best way out of the situation is to guard the ball and control it at the same time. Hold L1 before the ball comes to you and keep pressing it to shield it. Timing is most important in this scenario as you can catch your breath and look at the overall situation of the game before trying to break free or passing it to an incoming player with the same shirt as yours.

Pro Tip: Use time once you are in this situation as a hustle will just provide an easy turn over to the opponent team

The Up Up Secret

This is one of the most unknown facts of any FIFA especially the 2019 version. Use the D-pad or movement arrows to call more players in the box while making a move from the wing or breaking for it with defenders cutting you out. Press the up arrow twice and more players will gather in the box.  This makes a world of difference, especially once you cross the ball inside the D.

Pro Tip: Be careful about a counter-attack once you commit too much!

Use The Right Stick

Players are not used to using the right stick while in the game. However, this is the major difference between an ordinary player and one who is hard to beat. Make it the habit to use to it control the keeper, or lay off the long ball or do the flick. Once you practice for a number of games, you will bring out the use of the right stick according to the situation which will put your opponent on the wrong foot more often than not!

Therefore, by using the above tactics you can tweak your game enough to win from everybody else. However, if you want to be one of the best in your street, state or country then practice is the only way to go forward. See you at the finals, then??

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