Warframe Resources Farming Guide-How To Get Argon Crystal

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Warframe Resources

Resources are materials that you use to craft (build) other items in the Foundry using Blueprints.
Most of these resources are obtained from performing missions and collecting them while playing, but some
come as rewards. Resources exist only in specific planet systems but some can be dropped from missions elsewhere.
We can classify resources according to their commonality:

Common Resources
Very commonly found resources in quantities of hundreds at a time.
Drop can come from lockers, breakables, normal enemies and bosses.
Examples: Ferrite, Alloy Plate.

Uncommon Resources
Less common resources in quantities usually between 10 and 30 and up to 100.
Drop can come from lockers, breakables, normal enemies and bosses.
Some Uncommon are Plastids and Circuits.

Rare Resource
A resource that usually drops one at a time and no more than 2 or 3 times.
It can be obtained from defeating bosses, a specific type of enemy or filling specific missions.
Orokin Cell is one example of a rare resource.

Research Resources
These will be an uncommon resources necessary for the research process within the Clan Dojo.
Dropped by enemies and marked with a distinctive blue color.

Farming Best Tactics

These tips can help in locating or picking resources:

  • Using a Resource Booster doubles the number of resources earned from pickups.
    For example, Buying from the market a 3 days booster will cost 40 Platinum and a 30-day booster costs 200 Platinum.
    You can get boosters also from the Daily Tribute reward system or buying from Baro Ki’Teer.
  • Vacuum Sentinel mod detects and collects items within 11.5m for its master including mods.
  • Fetch Beast mod detects and collects items and mods in a 13.5m radius.
  • Thief’s Wit warframe adds a loot radar to the minimap from +7m at rank 0 and up to +42m at rank 5.
  • Scavenge companion this mod gives Kubrows and Kavats up to +90 chance to open a locked locker.
  • Extractors can collect resources automatically from a planet’s surface.
    For instance, The Distilling Extractor has a greater chance of collecting Uncommon and Rare resources, but it takes 8 hours to collect resources.
  • Master Thief adds up to +40% chance to unlock locked lockers.
  • Scavenge can increase a Kubrow chance by +90% to open locked lockers they can reach.
  • There are some Warframes that have an advantage in resource collecting,
    like Nekros’s Desecrate ability which forces fallen enemies around you to drop additional loot. It can give up to a 54% chance to roll the corpse’s drop table again to produce additional loot.
  • Ivara’s Dark Prowl ability makes her invisible and can steal loot from unsuspecting enemies and to drop one random item.

Before we get into each resource details and how to farm it, a note should be given that when using the word
report this is based on different player’s experiences while playing the gaming.
Some players use more resource-oriented warframes, others play in groups, therefore, the results you get can be different.

Argon Crystal
Argon Crystal

Void based radioactive rare resource that decays every day it is out of the Void,
After some time it’ll disappear from the player’s inventory.
Sources: Orokin Void Missions, Corrupted Vor, Stalker

Where to farm?

  • Void Defense missions are probably the safest to get but are slow around one crystal every 5 rounds.
  • Orokin Void tileset and from certain Assassination targets.
  • Teshub void in Argon Deposits (open and smash all containers)
  • Hallowed Flame Mission Caches has high drop chances of Argon Crystal 11.06 -15.18%
  • Corrupted Vor drops Argon Crystal or Orokin Cell with 50% chances.
  • Void Capture Fissure mission
  • low-level void survival mission, Nekros with Despoil, Orthos Prime with Primed Reach.
  • Bringing a Smeeta Kavat with Mod Charm into Void maps

Alloy Plate
Alloy Plate

A common Carbon steel plates used to reinforce Grineer armor.
Sources: Venus, Phobos, Jupiter, Ceres, Sedna, Pluto,
Where to farm?

  • As general advice, Defense and Survival missions are good places to gather materials
  • The best place reported is Draco on Ceres (Survival), around 12k after 30 other reports 8k in 20 minutes.
  • In Sedna, you can also smaller drops of Alloy Plate.


Circuits are uncommon Various electronic components.
Sources: Venus, Ceres, the Kuva Fortress.
Best places to farm

  • Tessera on Venus (Defense)
  • Dark Sector missions on Venus or Ceres
  •  Plains of Eidolon turrets around the Grineer bases will drop one per each turret destroyed.
  •  kuva fortress
  •  Mercury/Terminus ,Venus/Ishtar or Mars/Gradivus on Caches, Rotation B, can give 750 Circuits with 12.65% chances
  • Cetus Bounty, Rotation C, can give 300 Circuits with 25% chances
  •  A report on Ceres Draco got 3k circuits in 20 min
  • Ceres – gable dark sector survivor, killing vauban and nekros report to give 5k circuits in 30 min
  • Varro Defense vs. Grineer report to give 680- 880 Circuits on the 10 Waves

Control Module
Control Module

A rare component used as an Autonomy processor for Robotics.
Sources: Neptune, Europa, Orokin Void.

Best places to farm

  • Do void survival or defense missions report of 10 in 20 min of gameplay.
  • Abaddon on Europa report for 6 control modules
  • Farming in the orokin void for dakra prime
  • Cetus Bounty final stage gives 2X Control Module with 9.09% chances
  • From mastery test rank 4 (infested survival) after 2 or 3 practice
  • Tier 1 Survival report of 10 control modules from a 30 min game



Usually found in extreme sub-zero environments, Cryotic instantly freezes anything it contacts.
Sources: Venus,Earth, Phobos,Europa,Neptune.

Best places to farm

  • Mostly obtained by accomplishing Excavation missions, around 100 Cyrotic per cycle equals to ~100 seconds.
  •  Because the next spawn levels will drop more resources, pick the lowest level mission on Venus, Pluto or Earth where you can stay as long as possible
  •  Venus Dark Sector Excavation missions


This is a common component an Alloy pellets used in Grineer manufacturing.
Sources: Mercury, Earth, Lua,Neptune,the Void.

Where to farm?

  • There are many places to get Ferrite from, but the recommended way to farm Ferrite fast and easy after Update 10.0 will be
    Apollodorus on Mercury, about 1,000 Ferrite for every 5 minutes.
  • Eurasia,Earth (Interception) 700 – 1,000 drop
  • A very large amount at Caloris, Mercury in lockers and containers
  • Proteus in Neptune +200 drop at wave 5
  • Despina on Neptune 500 Ferrite drop per run
  • Terminus on Mercury report in lockers and containers of 300 to 700 Ferrite
  • Teshub, Void can yield 3000-5000 Ferrite per-mission when all crates and lockers are looted
    Report with a drop chance booster to get an average of 3000 ferrites in 4 minutes


A rare soft metal used in microelectronics and energy weapons.
Sources: Mars and Uranus.

How to get Gallium?

  • Ares, Mars- breaks all containers report getting 3 Gallium in 4 minutes
  • Mars infested invasion report of getting 12 Gallium in 2 runs.
  • Cupid, Uranus- report of farming 24 galium in 40 minutes
  • Ophelia Uranus report of 43-100 gallium in 30 minutes
  •  Uranus/Desdemona in Caches, 3X Gallium, Rotation C with 15.49% chances


A reagent commonly used to produce highly combustible fuel (Uncommon).
Sources: Jupiter

Farming best places

  • Cameria or Sinai on Jupiter ,Dark Sectors with +20% Resource Drop Rate
  • Extractors are maybe the easiest way to get Hexenon roughly a 38% chance to get around 60-80 Hexenon
  • Jupiter/Ganymede chances are 30% for getting 15X Hexenon on Rotation C
  • Enemies like Amalgam or Demolyst has Hexenon drop chances between 5% to 7.19%
  • Report of using Distilling Extracto to get roughly 50 Hexenon
  • Elara (Corpus Survival)  report of getting 87 Hexenon in 45 minutes
  • Cameria (Infestetation Survival) report of getting 82 Hexenon in 20 minutes


An amorphous solid,possibly Orokin technology.
Even so, it’s rare component, it’s one of the easiest rare to get.
Sources: Mercury,Mars,Pluto,Europa, Pluto.

Farming best places

  • Kadesh, Mars (Dark Sector Defense) on 20 waves report for getting 25 Morphics
    Also, a report of 6-7 drops within 10 waves
  • Report of Spear, Mars – 10 waves yielded 9 Morphics
  • Enemies on Keplar, Phobos drops Morphics about 1 to 3 Morphics per wave
  • Hellas and Gradivus on Mars can give 4+ Morphics each run
  •  Mercury/Terminus ,Rotation C has 15.10% drop chances
  •  Mercury survival mission
  •  Drop of 7 Morphics 20 minute Arcadia – Mars

Nano Spores

Nano Spores
Fibrous technocyte tumor. Handle Infested tissue with caution.
This is a common component that comes in lots of 100 -200 pcs.
Sources: Saturn,Neptune,Eris,Orokin Derelict.

Where to Farm

  • Survival and defense missions in Saturn, Neptune, Eris and Orokin Derelict give a lot of Nano Spores in short times. around 3,000 per 5 minutes.
  • Report on Exterminate mission on Saturn for 1500 nano spores in 15 min.
  • Orokin Derelict Survival mission 20k in 50 min.
  • Eris Dark Sector Defense report of getting 4k Nano Spores after 10 waves.


Neural Sensors
Neural Sensors

Implanted neural-link for controlling augmentations. Grineer design.
This is a rare resource, but from Update 9.0 the item drop rate has increased up to 6 per drop.
You can also buy in the market one unit for 10 platinum.
Sources: Jupiter.

Where to farm Neural Sensors?

  • One of the best planets to find Neural Sensors will be Jupiter, places like Elara ,Sina,Cameria and IO.
  • If you do the assassination of Alad V on Themisto ,Jupiter you be able to get 1-2Neural Sensors on average.
  • Taveuni in the Kuva Fortress has a report for getting a few.
  • Jupiter ,Cameria(Survival) and searching the containers.
  • Dark Sector Jupiter (Survival) report to be a very good place to farm NS.
  • The Raptors,Europa has a 50% drop chance.
  • Derelict/Orokin Derelict Sabotage at Rotation C in Caches has a 19.36% drop chance of Neural Sensors.



Biotech sensor organ harvested from Infested entities.
Sources:Earth,Lua, Eris, Orokin Derelict.

Where to farm

  • Doing Earth search missions and searching for the Neuroptic Masses resource container for Neurodes.
  • A spawn of Sentients in Plato (Lua) or Lua has a good chance of dropping Neurodes.
  • Assassinations of Lephantis Boss in Orokin Derelict gives 1-2 Neurodes on average.
  • Open relic missions on earth (extermination) takes around 4 minutes to complete and gives on average 1 Neurode per mission.
  • Enemies that drop Neurodes with a high chance: Vem Tabook (50%), Leekter (25%), Shik Tal(25%).

Orokin Cell
Orokin Cell

A rare resource, Ancient energy cell from the Orokin era.
Sources: Ceres, Saturn, Orokin Derelicts.

Where to farm Orkin Cell

  • All bosses have a chance to drop an Orokin Cell after being defeated (something between 2.5%- 4%).
  • The bosses with the higher chances are General Sargas Ruk ,Lieutenant Lech Kril h, Corrupted Vor.
  • Corrupted Vor, the boss of the Orokin Void, has 50% resource drop chance for Orokin Cell or Argon Crystal.
  • Tethys Saturn, report of 5 cells from breaking cell arrays, containers and killing Ruk
  • Opening containers plus cell arrays on Gabii, Ceres report to find 4-7 Orokin Cells
  • Exta, Ceres has a good chance of dropping Orokin Cells. report of getting 11 orokin cells in 11 minutes if using a resource booster.
  • Mimas ,saturn , a survival mission report for 7 orokin cell in 2 rounds.


Oxium is a rare lighter than air alloy of Orokin origin used in certain Corpus Robotics.
The enemy which drops this resource is Oxium Osprey with a rate of 7-12 per Osprey,
But only if he was destroyed by the player directly.

Sources:Venus Jupiter, Mars,Neptune, Pluto, Eris, Europa, Lua.

How to get

  • Corpus Excavation, Defense, Survival, and Mobile Defense missions are the best to farm Oxium, even better from Update 23.8 Oxium Ospreys now appears within the first 5 Waves/Rounds of all Corpus Defense/Interception missions.
  • Sabotage missions while Keeping enemies in an alerted state can give a nice amount of Oxium.
  • Galatea on Neptune has reported having very high drops by several players.
  • IO report of using Nekros to get 500+ Oxium after 15 waves.
  • Adrastea on Jupiter,sabotage mission report of 100 Oxium in less than 5 min.
  • Baal, Europa with ember report of 5k Oxium without any booster in 10 minutes.

Tip: No need to buy the resource drop chance booster for getting Oxium, because Oxium ospreys have a 100% chance drop.


An uncommon component, a disgusting nanite-infested tissue mass.
Sources: Saturn,Uranus,Pluto,Eris, Phobos.

Farming best places

  • Stephano ,Uranus Defense mission report for containers with 100 Plastids each 5 waves
  • Overall Saturn is known as a good place to harvest Plastids. Missions in Piscinas, Helene can yield a high amount of it.
  • Ophelia Uranus was reported as a good farming place by a few players
  • Assur, Uranus report for obtaining 755 Plastids in 30 minutes
  • Cassidi, Saturn (Survival) report of 600 Plastids in 15 minutes
  • Cupid in Uranus, nearly 500 Plastids in 20 minutes.

Polymer Bundle
Polymer Bundle

An uncommon component, A hard, thermoplastic casing. Manufactured by Corpus.
Sources: Mercury, Venus, Uranus.

Farming best places

  • Uranus will be the best place to collect polymer bundles, especially in the Dark Sectors of Uranus.
  • Assur (Dark Sector) on Uranus 2300 Polymer Bundles for 20 minutes
  • Ophelia, Uranus report of 33k Polymer Bundles with a squad in 40 minutes
  • Another report on Ophelia, Uranus with Desecrate nekros for 3,8k polymer in 25 minutes


A jagged crystalline ore. Gives off radiant energy (Uncommon).
Sources: Earth, Lua, Phobos, Europa, Pluto, Sedna, and the Void.

Where to Farm

  • Zeugma, Phobos after Patch 19.5 gives high yields of around 250 Rubedo in 5 minutes.
  • Phobos, skyresh, breaking containers report of getting nearly 2,000 Rubedo using Volt full speed.
  • Orokin Void Survival and Defense missions


High-value metals collected from war salvage (Common).
Sources: Mars, Jupiter, Sedna.

Where to get

  • Mobile Defense is maybe the best way: Carme , Jupiter, and Olympus, Mars nearly 2000 Salvage in containers and lockers
  • Cameria, Jupiter report of 10k salvage in 25 minutes
  •  Elara,Jupiter confirmed by some players as good Salvage farm
  •  Arcadia mars (survival) report of 10k Salvage in 40 minutes


This rare metal is foreign to the Origin System and can only be found in asteroids that have made the long journey from other stars.
Sources:Archwing Missions.

Where to Farm

  • Get from Archwing enemies, Grineer Sealab missions or Grineer Asteroid Fortress missions.
  •  Completing the stage in Bounty rewards, Orb Vallis gives Tellurium.
  •  Salacia, Neptune ( Hydron for archwing) report of 2 Tellurium in 8 runs.
  • Orphelia, Uranus report for 3 Tellurium and 8 Gallium in 20 min (slash build with a Nekros partner).
  •  A method reported for farming tellurium: Go to Uranus, Desdemona and equip a weak sentinel with spare parts and regen.
    kill everything except the elite lancer that toss grenades and let them kill your sentinel.
    dying+respawning to get your sentinel back until 0 respawns left, got 8 tellurium in 10min.

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