PUBG Insights That Will Help You Top The Charts!

The latest sensation of mobile gaming has taken over the world. Its effects can easily be seen in the form of people staring and cursing into their phones while walking, on the sidewalk or on the subway. PUBG or Player Battle Underground is the latest edition to this cult addiction. A game developed in Battle Royale style where you start as one of the 100 players fighting for survival. This game has a 2 player and a 4 player option where you can join your friends to play against 49 or 25 other teams respectively. The Dos’ and Don’ts of this game are pretty simple and you can easily win consistently by following steps for PUGB Insights and tips explained in this post!

Getting the Game Basics Right!

A hundred players falling from the sky and beginning their quest to be the last man standing is the best description of the game basics. The map constitutes of 8 x 8 km square area which is further divided into 1 x 1 km blocks on the mini-map which is the complete playing area for all the 100 players.

Getting the Movements Apt!

Many players use just the basic run, walk, crouch movements that have been used since the earliest of first shooter game versions. However, PUBG allows you additional moves that you can learn and use along the course of the round. You can use free look or aim down the sight for better visuals without making too much noise. Use the sneak mode to kill players without alarming others and swim across lakes and ponds (do take care of your oxygen level, though!). You can also use vehicles from moving across the map at a fast pace which you can find in closed garages.

Perfect Landings Have A Definite Edge

This is the most crucial part of t he game. If you start well you tend to get placed higher in the net rankings at the end of the game. You must decide before jumping the place where you will land (the map section will give you a fair idea of where you should land). You have to jump off the moving aircraft. If the plane is flying on the Eastside, the Westside will be less populated and vice versa.

If you have picked a spot in the path of the plane, then jump directly over the spot and melee down straight without opening your parachute. You will dive faster this way and get to the ground quickly. However, once the chute opens you sow down. One method of increasing the speed with the parachute on is revolving around the spot you have chosen to pick. Rotating around the spot of landing gives you centripetal force making a quick landing.

Knowing Your Circles

After a certain amount of time, the circle closes in which reduced the area that you can play in. Remaining outside the circle will kill you almost immediately. The next circle position is marked on the map as well so you can plan accordingly. The white circle is the next circle whereas you should always remain inside the large (or blue circle). If you are far away from the next circle position, you must find a vehicle and if you are medium to the near range, you must run for it. The best way is to play on the edge of the circle.

Circle No Time Elapsing
Circle 1 5 minutes
Circle 2 3 minutes 20 seconds
Circle 3 2 minutes 30 seconds
Circle 4 2 minutes
Circle 5 2 minutes
Circle 6 1 minute 30 seconds
Circle 7 1 minute 30 seconds
Circle 8 1 minute

Firing Technique Is Important!

Inventory management is one of the most important things to be done in this game so knowing your weapon and methods to deploy it, is essential. Equip yourself with the largest weapon so you have the most space in your inventory and never keep anything twice. Keep at least one open space for a better weapon. Single, burst and hip mode are the firing modes available to you. The best way to inflict damage is to use single fire in small bursts which keeps the cross-hair stable.

Know your Armor Capability

Armor is the key to your eternal survival.
Without using a helmet or body armor, it can take just one bullet to hit you fatally. Each armor has a different damage reduction which is as follows

Level 1 Armor offers 30 percent damage reduction
Level 2 Armor offers 40 percent damage reduction
Level 3 Armor offers 55 percent damage reduction


Map knowledge Is Of Essence

Where to land and what to look out for during the game is of the essence. The table below provides you a fair idea of what you kind of loot will you find in a specific section of the map along with popularity with the players and the ease of access to that specific place:

Location  Popularity Loot Accessibility
Georgopol-North, South, Containers, and Hospital Medium-High Great Great
Military Island Very high Awesome (rare equipment included) Awful (high chances of getting killed in the way)
Rozhok, School, and Apartments Medium to High depending on Path of the aircraft Great Great
Underground Bunkers Extremely High Great 50:50
Novorepnoye High with experienced players Great Poor without a boat
Crater of Doom High Ok Ok
The Villa Low Ok Ok
Military Bases High High Precaution Needed
Mylta Power High Medium Intelligent landing required
Small Mylta Power High Quality but Limited Medium Easy

Health Aids Are Supreme Saviours

These are probably the most important asset after your weapon and you must know what each item does.

Medkit (10 seconds to apply) Fills the health to 100
First-aid kit (7 seconds to apply) Fills the health to 100 instantly
Bandage (4 seconds to apply) Takes one minute for the health to go to 100


Plan Your Way Up Phase-Wise

It is important that you have a fixed plan from the very start. This post can tell you the basics that you need to touch, but keeping these tips in mind you will start sailing through each round.

Phase Number of Players Basic Strategy
I 100-75 Stay away from conflict and collect as many items as you can
II 75-30 Avoid firing unless survival is at stake and play on the edges of the circle
III 30-11 Stay low and use traps to kill players. Keep your health full at all times
IV 10-1 Small area to play in so no point hiding unless you find a camping place with a nice long-range rifle


This post may not go into every nook and corner of PUBG but, it does give you a definite heads up even before you start playing. It also provides you with an edge as you may not have discovered all these trade secrets while playing the game. It may not guarantee the top spot every time, but it sure does guarantee more playtime in every round so you learn more from better players rather than missing out in the first wave of battle. Happy PUBGing!

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