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Why do you like to play The Sims 4? Is it because you can create whoever you want, build without limits or is it because you just find it satisfying to play. There are so many reasons why people like to play the Sims and for me, it’s the endless possibilities of the game. I always love finding new ways to help improve my gaming experience and make it more interesting. I’ve come across so many different ways to improve my gaming experience like downloading mods, custom content and completing challenges. I always find that challenges always the best way to improve my gaming experience as I feel it adds something extra and makes Sims more challenging to play. I’ve come across so many different challenges and I have attempted almost all of them. Here are some of my favorite Sims 4 challenges that will spice up your Sims 4 experience. for more great games reviews check our homepage.

The 100 Baby challenge

This is probably a challenge that you have heard of before. In this challenge, you will start with a matriarch (a Sim that is able to get pregnant) and try and have 100 babies. When the matriarch dies the legacy continues with the youngest female Sim until the goal of 100 babies has been completed.  A few rules which make this hard is that the Sim is unable to get a job so you have to find other ways of income, you can only age up the children once certain goals have been reached and you can only get pregnant by the same man once. One of the hardest rules is that you aren’t allowed to hire a babysitting service and have to raise the children by yourself. This makes the challenge a lot harder as you can be looking after 7 toddlers at once which can be very difficult when trying to fill their needs. There are so many rules for this game but if it sounds like something you would like to do you should check out more rules.

The Legacy Challenge

In this challenge, you start with a Sim and move them to the biggest empty lot as possible. Once you have moved to the lot you must set your amount of money to zero and get money by doing things like fishing and gardening. You aren’t allowed to get a job and have to find other ways to make money. The goal is to get as much money as possible by the 10th generation. This challenge can be very easy or you can make it really difficult depending on what rules you follow. One of my favorite things in this challenge is being able to see the family tree at the end of the challenge. This is a very fun and exciting challenge that requires a lot of patience and time because you have to get through 10 generations which takes a long time.

Black Widow Challenge

This challenge involves creating a Sim that will get married to someone and acquire their wealth. Your Sim may not get a job and their only source of income is the money they receive from their husbands. Once you’ve been married you must host a dinner where you find your next husband/lover. Your Sim must then get caught woohooing them. Once you’ve been caught cheating you then must use one of the many methods to kill your husband to then be able to become a black widow. Once you are a widow you must marry the next man and carry on the same rules to get a new man. The challenge keeps on going until you reach 10 min. When you reach this goal you have won the challenge.

Asylum Challenge

The asylum challenge is very difficult but also very fun. In this challenge, you have a household of eight Sims but you can only control one of them. You aren’t allowed to get a job so the source of income has to come from somewhere else, which is difficult when you have to look after 7 other Sims. You are allowed to build the asylum with as much money as you would like but you have to have cheap objects/furniture. You can only replace objects/furniture for more expensive ones when you have the money for it. You must achieve goals that have been set to earn back your freedom as your Sim you control has wrongfully been put in the asylum. All Sims must have the insanity trait but you can choose the other two traits. If one of the eight Sims die you must have their grave in the garden but if you don’t want them to haunt the household you can banish the spirit. This is a very difficult challenge and requires a lot of patience as looking after 8 Sims and finding a source of income is quite difficult.

The Decades Challenge

This challenge is quite similar to the legacy challenge but the objectives of the game are based off 1890 to the present. You must follow the rules for each decade. Each decade is represented by each generation in the family. You start off in 1890 where you can only marry someone in the same ethnic group as you. You be unable to get electricity and only men can get jobs. By the 1900’s you are allowed electricity and by 1910 all-male Sims will go to ‘war’. By 1920 women can get jobs but anybody with a job must lose it because of the great depression. Every decade continues with different challenges and rules until you reach the present which is when you complete the challenge. This challenge involves a lot of time but is very fun to play through different decades.

Rags to Riches

In this challenge, you have to start off with a Sim on an empty lot with zero simoleons. The goal of this challenge is to earn 200,000 simoleons without a job. There are so many ways to make money on Sims and this challenge allows you to explore the many different ways to do so. In this challenge it is difficult to look after your Sims needs in the beginning as you won’t have the resources to look after your Sim, this forces you to live in parks and public place until you can afford basic necessities.  This challenge is quite hard but there are ways to make this challenge even harder like playing with the season’s expansion pack and starting in winter which can freeze you Sim or you can play with a set of goals you have to complete before you can do things like build a house, get married or have children. This can make the challenge very difficult but also more fun as you will be taking more risks.

There are so many different challenges you can attempt in The Sims 4 but these are my favorite ones. They all quite challenging and take a while to complete but they really will improve your Sims 4 experience as there are so many possibilities to these challenges. I hope you use one of these challenges as they are so fun to play and complete.

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