Warframe Mining Guide Starter for the Tenno

Warframe Mining Brief

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a gaming enthusiast; you have plenty of things to do in Warframe.
From participating in Arbitrations, gathering ancient relics, to farming valuable resources, plenty of fun-filled content is here to keep you fully engaged.
Following the nature of the game, most activities are action-oriented and focused on vicious battles.
Warframe comes with a plenty of peaceful ways letting you spend your time in mining resources, fishing, and animal tracking to have fun. This article will be focused on the Warframe Mining Guide and our aim to turn your hard-earned Tenno into a skilled space miner.

How to Start Mining in Warframe? A Complete Guide for Newbie

Do you have a hunger for gems? If yes, then there are two possible locations where you can mine for “Ore” and “Gems” in Warframe, such as:

  • The Orb Vallis
  • The Plains of Eidolon

Before starting, you should need to arrange proper equipment, like cracking open rocks need a unique tool, known as a Cutter.
It is a small mining laser loaded with a built-in radar that you can use to locate nearby veins of valuable gems and ores as well. During the game, if you intend to purchase one of these Gizmos, then you should make contact with Old Man Suumbaat present in Cetus on Planet Earth, or you can go to Smokefinger available in Fortuna on Venus planet.
You should know that you can’t purchase Cutters using Platinum or Credits, though you can make a purchase using either Ostron or Solaris United Standing.

Suitable Equipment for Mining

Similar to other pieces of equipment, not all available cutters are equal in durability.
The Sunpoint Plasma Drill is considering as one of the best options for Cutters, unlike other most material.
The cutter is fully loaded with a mini-map radar with a range of 40-meter and can mine the rarest gems. With all of these specialties, undoubtedly, this cutter could be a better choice for you. You can quickly grab it and will cost you only 2,500 Solaris United Standing without any limitation.

You should need to know that you can upgrade the Sunpoint Plasma Drill using two powerful widgets, and both are purchasable from Smokefinger.
You can use these widgets to silence the drill, preventing it from getting the attention of enemies.
Additionally, these gears will increase the range of the laser beam, enabling you to approach the smallest veins of gems and ores.
There’s no need to unlock access to Venus Planet to get the cutter along with the Sunpoint Plasma Drill, but if you intend to be a severe miner, then it’s worth it.
Alternatively, one may also acquire one of Nosam Cutter from Old Man Sumbaat in Cetus but this less recommended.

Start Mining Rare Gems and Ores

Warframe contains some valuable gems and ores like Thyst, Zodian, Hesperon, and Auron, which are tough to find, but the introduction of many ways by developers will make your hunt a bit easier than your expectation. For mining, your focus should be on caves that often have lots of gems and ores for you in a small space. Mining in caves relatively more straightforward than performing extraction above ground. Throughout the spinning ring segment, you should focus your aim towards the centers of the brackets to mine ores and gems. During these sessions, your performance directly proportional to rarest gems and ores. Besides Caves and Spinning Ring Segment, you must concentrate on mini-brackets you may find on the ring.

For what purpose you can use gems and ores

After gathering ores and gems, you have a chance to turn them into useful items. You can use raw gems to trade with either Suumbaat for Standing, Smokefinger, or Cetus, respectively. Using the blueprints you purchased from one of two mining vendors, and you can refine gems and ores into more potent forms. The open-world environment of Warframe is offering you another unique aspect, known as Mining, giving you a break from the shoot-and-loot grind.

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