Warframe Platinum Giveaway

Giveaway Status: Active

How Do The Platinum Giveaway work?

We will give you 50 platinum for linking to one of our Warframe posts in forums or other gaming relevant websites.
The link has to stay at least 24 hours to make sure it’ll not delete.

How we pass the platinum?

We use the clan dojo to trade and we’ll buy from you anything in return to the platinum we give (if we can do it free it was better)
After linking send us a message to the user gamefaner or contact from the website.

  •   You must have Mastery Rank 2 to accept platinum in game.
  •   You must enable 2FA on your account to be able to trade!
  •   You need to pay 500 credits for 1 platinum, this is game tax- not ours. 


  • The link must be relevant and coming from a gaming forum/website. non-relvant links will not be credit!
  • The link must exist for 24 hours before we transfer the platinum
  • limited to 2 giveaways per user
  • Adding more than one link on the same page/forum will credit only for 1 giveaway, so no need to add extra redundant links.