Warframe Best Primary Weapons 2020

Primary Weapons in Warframe

The best Third-person Shooter video game Warframe comes with a massive range of weapons and frames.
Selecting the best weapons could be a difficult job for those players who don’t have any idea or new to this game.
For sure, some times you are required to find out what’s right for you or what’s not, but it needed to do experiments.
You don’t need to worry, we’ve compiled a list of Best Primary Weapons in Warframe for you.
It is good thing to know that the most reliable weapons or frames are niche specialized; therefore, the article presents the best weapons for a specific role.
Here’s is a list of top weapons categorized by type.



The Baza is a silenced, rapid-fire rifle with a high critical chance of 26%, critical multiplier of 3.0 and extremely high accuracy per shot.
It has a small magazine of 40 but a big ammo reserve of 800 and a total damage of 16 with the fastest reload speed among all fully automatic rifles.
Its High Puncture and Impact damage makes the Baza effective against armor and shields enemies.
Disadvantages are low status of 10% and damage falloff from 100% to 50% from 22m to 34m target distance.
This weapon is excellent for stealth missions and goes well with Ivara due to its silence abilities.
Can be moded for higher damage using Heavy Caliber mod with almost no effect on accuracy because its base accuracy is very high.

Rubico Prime

Rubico Prime
A Sniper Rifle, boasting high damage of 187, 38% critical chance, 16% status chance but with a reduction in zoom.
The Rubico Prime has Magazine of 5 with 72 Ammo size and reload of 2 seconds, full damage up to 400m and highest base critical chance of all sniper rifles.
You might know that sniper rifles are rarely seen in any fast-paced game, lacking mobility advancements or easy to use, similar to other weaponry.
Although Rubico Prime isn’t achievable with any of these bonuses, seriously, it does incredible damage.
The outcome of this weapon is so insane that it can take on the hardest bosses within a single shot.
With amazing stats, fast reload rate, and incredible fire rate, it’s cleared adequately that why this weapon is suitable for boss killers and Eidolon slayers.

Kuva Kohm

Kuva Kohm

It is a Kuva variant of the Kohm shotgun that comes with am amazing 90% status chance! (as Single Pellet )
A 19% critical chance, 2.3 Crit Multiplier as well as high fire rate and damage of 20.
But with less fall off  damage ,Full damage is only up to 13.0 m ,lower ammo in the magazine and poor accuracy.
It works automatically and shoots dozens of pellets sounds perfect.
The weapon grants for additional bonus based on the Kuva Lich’s progenitor Warframe which can be
Impact,Heat,Cold,Electricity,Toxin,Magnetic or Radiation damage.
After moding this weapon properly, it mixes the insane slash, and the result will be unbelievable.

Tigris Prime

Tigris Prime

Shotgun with a total of 1,560 damage with 80% slash!
Highest slash damage of all weapons in the game which makes it effective against health.
Unique trigger type allows for two rapid shots against tough targets, Magazine size of 120 and reload time of 1.8 seconds.
On the down side, it has Full damage up to 10.0 m and Low critical chance of 10%.
Can be moded with Chilling Reload to help speed up the weapon’s reload time.

You might be surprised to know that this isn’t the best weapon in Warframe, but you can turn it into a killing machine using mods.
With the current vaulted status and other available weapons, choices have made this weapon fewer insane.
Tigris Prime released with Nekros Prime, and because of its high-status chance, this weapon can cause an impressive status effect similar to armor strip.

Opticor Vandal

Opticor Vandal

For sure, you would take beams as a cool entity in any video game.
What would be your reaction upon having a weapon nearly the size of your Warframe? Of course, using such kind of weapon will leave a massive hole in almost any enemy available in the game. Although the said weapon comes with lower damage, it can be easily compensated with its higher stats.
Because of its higher fire rate, Opticor Vandal isn’t less than any machine gun.

This rifle has a Total Damage of 400.0,high Status Chance of 30% and 24% Crit Chance.
High Puncture damage which is effective against armor, ammo efficient,Shots are guaranteed to stagger enemies and Fast charge speed of 1.4s.
Any player that completes the repeating Operation: Buried Debts event and
awarded for earning 100 points from the recurring Thermia Fractures event is automatically given the weapon.
This can be even player with Mastery Rank 0 Despite the weapon Mastery Rank 14 requirement.


Fulmin has two modes, Semi-Auto Mode which fires Electricity pulse with a damage of 500 and a critical chance of 30% ,status chance of 16%.
The second mode is Full Auto that shoots a rapid stream of lightning at a distance, with a damage of 33 per shot and critical chance of 28% ,status chance of 10%.
Magazine size is 60 rounds per mag with a fire rate of 2.17 rounds per sec.
The weapons does not need to pick ammo as it regenerates over time, 30 ammo per second.

Fulmin is Wisp’s signature rifle and while she uses it the fire rate speed is doubled.
Coming with very high critical chance and 2.2/2.4 Crit Multiplier the Fulmin is an excellent weapon especially against Machinery and Robotic enemies.
Moding it with Heavy Caliber can greatly increase the damage with minimal penalty on accuracy,
And if using Hunter Munitions mod the critical chance addition will be +30% at level 9.



This weapon is specially designed for those gamers who love bows but can’t make any focus on using stealth elements in their gameplay.
The Lenz bow inflict a damage of 50 (Charged Shot) and has a high Crit Chance of 50% but low Status Chance of only 5%.
Arrow explodes cause cold and blast damage and has linear damage falloff from 100% to 30% from central impact.
Bubble Collapse cause 660 damage in a 7.2m radius.

The sleeky bow can efficiently deal with a massive amount of damage in a large area.
Using Lenz will let you shoot explosive bolts that blast after a specific time in a large area.
Lenz comes with a built-in ammo mutator that converts all ammo into the bow, enabling you to concentrate on your mod when attempting to modify the weapon.


If you’re looking for the best Sniper Rifle, then Lanka is just for you!
This weapon works following the similar mechanics to a bow, and its single shot hits hard at max charge.
Lanka shoots Electricity projectiles that has 200 damage for Uncharged Shot and 525 damage for Charged Shot.
It has a Very high critical chance and status chance of 25% and Full damage up to 400.0 m.

The Lanka has 3 zoom modes that can increase critical chance:
First zoom has 3.0x zoom distance and +20% critical chance.
Second zoom has 5.0x zoom distance and +30% critical chance.
Third zoom has 8.0x zoom distance and +50% critical chance.

With precise and accuracy, this sniper rifle does a lot of damage without mods.
If you intend to boost its combo mechanic, then the hark-scope can be an excellent option for you to target your enemies from a distance. Besides the best performance, the sniper rifle has the slow speed of the projectile, causing difficulties for players while hitting to sudden movements



Amprex is another of my favorites primary weapons in the game and I like to use it a lot when doing survival missions.
This beam rifle fires a continuous stream of electricity arcs that can be chained up to 3 nearby enemies within 7 meters from the initial target.
The Amprex has high status and Crit Chance of 22% and 32% respectively with Magazine Size of 700 and
100 rounds per mag and also a high fire rate of 12.0 rounds per second.

To maximize the weapon critical chance use Mods like Point Strike and Vital Sense.
Using Metal Auger mod allow the Amprex to hit multiple targets with its main beam and chained damage to nearby enemies.
Excellent as crowd control weapon and the beam can also can pass enemy corpses to connect to nearby enemies.
You don’t have to worry about aiming -the chained beam does all the work for you.
To obtain your Amprex research it from the Energy Lab in the dojo.


This awesome shotgun has two firing mode:
primary with a powerful buckshot of 540 damage ,Crit Chance of 30% with 2.8 Crit Multiplier but only 6% status,
and Alternate Fire that launches a grenade projectile.
The grenade creates explosion in a radius of an 9.4-meter after travelling for 20 meters in midair possessing high status chance of 28% but only 4% crit change.
The primary high Puncture (226) and Slash damage (162) can be effective against armor and health targets.
Reload time is a bit slow 1.2s + 0.22s per round.

You can reach over 100% critical chance if moding with Blunderbuss, Critical Deceleration and Laser Sight mods.
It has a guaranteed Impact proc of 100 in Alternate Fire which is useful to stun enemies.

Vaykor Hek

Vaykor Hek
The Vaykor Hek is a shotgun with a total damage of 525 where 65% of it is Puncture.
It has a high critical chance of 25% and 10.7% Status Chance.
Magazine Size is 8 rounds per mag and Max Ammo of 120 rounds.
If going for a head-shoot you can kill enemies fast as they’re going to bleed and die
even if not completely dead from your first shoots!
To increase further the Puncture damage and status yo can mod it with Accelerated Blast.
This great shotgun can be obtained from Steel Meridians syndicate at General rank.



This is a fully automatic rocket launcher rifle that fires micro-missiles in rapid succession.
It has very high critical Chance of 32% and 2.8x Crit Multiplier but a low Status Chance of 6%.
Missile has a 4 meter explosion radius after travelling 7 meters in midair.
Moding with Hunter Munitions increase the the Acceltra’s high critical chance by up to 30%.

With this rifle, the player should always be on the move to keep the weapon firing at a consistent pace because
the weapon gain faster reload while sprinting (normally 2 seconds).
It has a very low ammo capacity that takes only 2 reloads to fully deplete all ammo reserve.
Acceltra’s blueprint can be obtained from defeating Demolisher Infested on the Dark Sector mission Ur, Uranus.
Acceltra is also Gauss’s signature weapon where he gains increased reload speed while sprinting when wielded by him.

Arca Plasmor

Arca Plasmor
This is a plasma shotgun that fires pulses of Radiation in a range of 30m and a Total Damage of 600.
Radiation initially confuses enemies and makes them attack each other, It has high critical chance of 22% and even higher status chance of 28%.
The Arca Plasmor has a 3 meters Punch Through against bodies, making it highly effective against large groups of enemies and a guaranteed Impact proc to enemies up to 15 meters
Disadvantages are Full damage up to 10.0m only, low critical multiplier (1.6),reduced zoom when aiming ,no bonus damage on headshots and slow reload Timeof 2.8 s.

Mods like Fatal Acceleration can increase the range and falloff by 40%.
Great for Arbiters of Hexis Arbitrations and passing shielded enemies because of its high punch-through and
Very effective for clearing enemy clusters in a narrow places with only a few pulses.
The weapon is researched from the dojo Energy Lab.

Tiberon Prime
Tiberon Prime

This weapon is one of the versatile primaries with three firing modes that can be swapped through its Alternate Fire: Burst, Semi and Auto ,all modes deals slightly higher Puncture damage.
Burst damage/Crit Chance/ status are 46/28%/20%, Semi 46/30%/18% and Auto 46/16%/32%.
Almost all physical damage are equal therefore it’s a good weapon to use against all enemies factions.
Can be built for high critical change or status depends on your preference.
My preferred mode is Auto with a Fire Rate of 8.33 rounds per sec and Magazine Size of 42/540.


This is a deadly hunting bow with 134.4 slash damage out of 168,
Super high Critical Chance of 50% and 20% status, a fast Reload time of 0.7 s
Using Hunter Munitions and or Point Strike mods can make it deadly as it cause orange critical hits on every shoot and inflict bleed procs.
If you have over 100% critical chance, the reset will turn into proc chance(like 125%–> 100% critical + 25% proc).
Moding with Speed Trigger, Shred or Vile allows to increase the fire rate.
The Dread’s blueprint is dropped by the Stalker (also it’s signature weapon) with a 37.95% drop chance.

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