Risk of Rain 2 items And How to Unlock


Any person who has ever played any kind of shooting video game understands the importance of items (or add-ons) in the game.
This holds not only good for weapons but all support equipment like maps, health potions, shields and superpowers.
The same holds good for Risk of Rain 2 items which are based on a tier system.
The higher tier item you have, the better surviving and fighting skills you will own.
This post looks at all the possibilities for Risk of Rain 2 items that include types, identification, and methods to unlock these items.
If you like to know more about ROR2 characters read this source.


Basically, there are two types of items in the game that includes Passive and Active items.
A Passive Item is one that is constantly in use by the character.
The best example of such an item is Energy Drink, which increases the sprint speed by 30%.
However, an Active Item is a onetime use thing that can be used only once.
Not only can it be used only once, but it can also be held in one time of instance meaning that if you have an Active item in your hand, you will not be able to carry anything else.
The best example for an Active item is Milky Chrysalis which gives you flying ability for 15 seconds before they are completely consumed.

Each item is coded with color that indicates the rarity or strength of the item.
As a thumb rule, the following color codes are used

White – Common Items
Green – Rare Items
Red – Legendary Items
Yellow – Boss Items
Blue – Lunar Items (extra powers but with a drawback)
Orange – Active Items (all of the above are Passive)

The table below identifies each object and its usage in the game.

Common (White)

Item Description How To unlock
Armor-piercing Rounds Inflicts a 20% additional damage to the bosses Charge a teleporter
Backup Magazin Adds an extra charge of your secondary weapon/skill Charge a teleporter without getting hit
Bundle of Fireworks Launches 8 fireworks that inflict 300% damage if opening a chest or container Duplicate the same item seven times in a row at a 3D printer, but doing so you’ll lose a random item from your inventory!
Bustling Fungus After you stand still for 2 seconds, it heals 4.5% of your health and health of your allies every second for a total of 3 minutes Default
Cautious Slug Passive health takes a boost of 300% while not in combat mode Default
Crowbar Any enemy with 90% health or more, this inflicts 150% damage. Discover 10 different white items
Energy Drink Increases sprint speed by 30% Default
Focus Crystal Any enemy with a 13-meter radius gets an additional 15% damage Default
Gasoline Killing one enemy puts all other enemies with a 12-meter radius on fire where they burn with a 150% extra damage. Default
Lens-Maker’s Glasses Double damage chances increase by 10% Default
Medkit Heals 10 health points. Can only be used after 1.2 seconds of last damage Defeat an elite-type monster
Monster Tooth Once you kill an enemy you can increase your health by 8% through an orb that appears after the enemy dies Monster Tooth
Paul’s Goat Hoof Movement speed goes up by 14% Fail the shrine of chance 3 times in a row
Personal Shield Generator A shield that gives extra 25 HP and recharges when not in combat Default
Rusted Key A hidden cache of items will appear at each stage randomly Defeat a teleporter boss in under 15 seconds
Soldier’s syringe Attack speed goes up by 15% Default
Sticky Bomb 5% increase chances of landing a bomb on the enemy inflicting 180% extra damage Default
Stun Grenade Stuns the enemies for 2 seconds Default
Topaz Brooch The characters get a 15 HP temporary barrier Default
Tougher Times Successful incoming attack blocking increases by 15% Die five times
Tri-Tip Dagger The enemy bleeds for 240% base damage with a 15% more chance of doing so Default
Warbanner All allies within 16 meters get strengthen at every level up. Default

Rare  (Green)

Item Description How To unlock
Atg Missile 1 A missile-firing chance of 10% that inflicts 300% damage Default
Bandolier !8% chance to get an ammo pack on kill that reset all skill cooldowns Default
Berzerker’s Pauldron A 6-second frenzy with additional 50% speed if you kill 3 enemies in one second Charge the teleporter with less than 10% health
Chronobauble Slows down the enemy for 2 seconds when hitting (by 60%) Default
Fuel Cell Provides the ability to hold an additional equipment charge Pick up 5 Different types of Equipment
Hopoo Feather Increases jump count by +1 Default
Infusion Increases health by +1 after every kill to a maximum of 100 Defeat 3000 enemies
Leeching Seed Inflict damage to get 1 healing Point Default
Lepton Daisy During teleportation, heals all nearby allies for 50% of maximum health Default
Old Guillotine Finishes off Monsters with less than 20% health immediately Defeat 500 elite monsters
Old War Stealthkit Increases movement speed by 40% and invisibility for 3 seconds Default
Predatory Instincts Attack sped increases by 10% (max of 30%) Reach 200% attack speed.
Red Whip 30% increase in speed if you are not in combat mode Default
Rose Buckler 30% increase in armor while you run Default
Runald’s Band Slows the enemy down by 80% and inflicts 250% damage Discover the hidden chamber in the Abandoned Aqueduct
Ukulele 3 targets within 20 meters can be hit with chain lighting Default
War Horn 70% extra attack speed with a weapon for 8 seconds Default
Wax Quail A sprint combined with a jumps flows you an extra 10 meter Reach 300% move speed
Will-o’-the-wisp Lava pillar sprouts within a 12-meter radius of an enemy kill ,dealing 350% base damage. Default

Legendary (Red)

Item Description How To unlock
57 Leaf Clover All the random effects that you have to get an additional +1 Complete 20 Stages in a single Run
Aegis 50% HP barrier for a considerate amount of time Default
Alien Head Skill cooldowns are decreased by 25% Default
Brainstalks 3-second frenzy after killing each/any monster Defeat an elite boss on monsoon difficulty
Brilliant Behemoth All attacks thrown explode and hit enemies in a 4m radius Default
Ceremonial Dagger 150% base damage once you kill an enemy Default
Dio’s Best Friend Re-spawn after death (item will be consumed) and 3-second invulnerability. Stay Alive for 30 consecutive minutes
Frost Relic A storm forms after you kill an enemy and kills everyone in a 1-6 meter radius (600% damage). Default
H3AD-5T v2 Increases the jump height and when you land, inflicts a 2300% damage in a 10-meter radius. Recharges in 10 seconds(-50% recharge time per stack) Default
Happiest Mask 10% chance of a ghost appearing and inflicting 500% damage once you killed an enemy lasts for 30s Default
Hardlight Afterburner Reduces the utility skill cooldown by 33% along with a +2 Utility Skill charges Default
N’kuhana’s Opinion Ability to store 100% soul energy Find the altar to N’kuhana. 
Rejuvenation Rack Heals 100% or more Reach and clear the third stage without healing.
Sentient Meat Hook 10 enemies can be hit simultaneously Loop back to the first stage.
Shattering Justice 5 hits to an enemy result in armor being reduced to 60 Default
Soulbound Catalyst Every kill brings down the equipment cooldown time by 4 seconds Discover and Activate 8 unique Newt Altars
Unstable Tesla Coil Switches off after every 10 seconds but delivers a 200% damage to 3 enemies at the same time. Deal 5,000 damage in one shot
Wake of Vultures Power of a slain elite monster transfers into you for 8 seconds Default


Boss (Yellow)

Item Description How To unlock
Halcyon Seed You can summon Aurelionite (100% damage and health) while teleporting Default
Little Disciple Fires a tricking wisp while sprinting after every 0.5 seconds Default
Queen’s Gland Beetle 1 Guard at a time,  summoned every 30s for a 300% confirm the damage Default
Titanic Knurl Increases the maximum health by a total of 40 per stack , regeneration by 1.3 health/second Default

Lunar  (Blue)

Item Description How To unlock
Brittle Crown 30% chance to earn 3 golds. However, you lose gold when you are hit and depletes as per your health depletion Default
Corpsebloom Heals 100% over time, 10%  healing per second Default
Gesture of the Drowned Decreases equipment cooldown by 50% but the equipment is activated forcefully whenever cooldown mode is activated Defeat 20 Hermit Crabs by Chasing them off the edge of the map
Shaped Glass Increases the inflicted damage by 100% but reduced max health by 50% Default
Strides of Heresy For 3 seconds you can gain 30% movement speed and heal for 25% kill 15 bosses in one run
Transcendence All healths (except 1) are converted into regenerating shields along with a gain in health by 50% Default

Active Items 

Item Description Cooldown How To unlock
Blast Shower Clears all the nearby threats easily die three fiery deaths
Disposable Missile Launcher 12 missiles are fired with each missile inflicting a 300% damage 45s Default
Eccentric Vase Created a 1000 meter quantum tunnel in length which lasts up to 30 seconds Defeat the boss of the Gilded Coast without any lanterns going out. 
Foreign Fruit Instantly fills up 50% of your HP 45s Default
Gnarled Woodsprite Heals you at the rate of 1.5% of maximum health/second. Can also assist allies with a maximum of 10% health increase 15s Fully upgrade a shrine of the woods
Milky Chrysalis Fly for 15 seconds along with a 20% increase in momentum speed 60s Default
Ocular HUD +100% critical strike chance for 8 seconds 60s Default
Preon Accumulator Zappos enemies with a 600% damage per second rate or an explosion that inflicts 4000% damage in a 20-meter radius 140s Open the timed security chest on rally point delta.
Primordal Cube 10 seconds of pulling an enemy into the center of deployment within 30-meter radius 45s Default
Radar Scanner Shows all intractable objects/people for 10 seconds in a 500-meter radius 45s Collect 10 monster or environment logs
Royal Capacitor 3000% damage to the monster with a lighting strike 20s Defeat the teleporter bosses after activating 2 shrines of the mountain
The Back-up 4 strike drowns shower in missiles for 25 seconds on your designated area 1000s Repair 30 drones or turrets
The Crowdfunder Fires a barrage of bullets but each bullet costs 1$ Collect a total of $30,480 gold
Volcanic Egg Converts into a dragon fireball for 25 seconds


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