New Starter Warframes for Beginners – Make Your First Choice


Whenever you start playing Warframe, the game will ask you to choose your first Warframe Starter Frame from available. Later on, you will have dozens of choices to acquire new frames, but at starting, your first Warfarme will be likely one you choose. Therefore, we jump in to describe you each starter frame and help you decide which one should be selected to introduce you to the universe of Warframe.

Introduction of Starter Frames

As you start playing the game, you are asked to choose the Starter Frame from the following:

  • Excalibur – It is a sword-themed Warframe with abilities to use melee attacks
  • Volt – the electronic-themed Warframe possesses unique skills that surprise foes and help allies
  • Mag – It is a type of Warframe that comes with offensive skills focused on the principle of Magnetism.

These are three different types; therefore, each one plays differently and hold an appeal to different players. The main question is how you get that which one is right for you to choose?

Players need to Choose Excalibur as their Starter Frame

Excalibur is considering as the best Warframe for those players, who are new to this game. It would be an excellent choice for those players who are looking for a simple experience, and it is also ideal for the new player who loves enjoying melee fights.

Prominent Abilities of Excalibur

  • Slash Dash – using this ability, he can dash between foes while slashing them with the blade – serving as a unique weapon.
  • Radial Blind – the player is capable of making blind enemies within a limited area for several seconds and kill them using the lethal melee weapon.
  • Radial Javelin – During the fight, you can use a cluster of Javelins at foes around you.
  • Exalted Blade – Using an exalted blade, you can summon a mighty sword which is made up of light and can easily cut enemies into pieces, while releasing waves of energy, which causes damage at massive scale.
  • Passive Ability – It will add up to 10 percent bonus to your attack, speed, and hurt when equipping a sword.

It is the best Starter Frame for those who want to find themselves right into fierce battles with a mighty sword in their hands.

Players should choose Volt as their Starter Frame – Why?

Whereas Excalibur is a warrior type Frame, Volt is more likely to a Mag. During the fight, Volt can deal with enemies using electricity damage without touching any enemy. The extraordinary power can be used to defend allies and to help out teammates in completing their challenging objectives timely.

Volt possesses two types of abilities, such as Offensive and Utility as the following:

Offensive Abilities

  • Shock – Upon finding him covered with enemies, Volt releases an electric projectile that severely damages the set targets before chaining kill other nearby foes.
  • Discharge – This effect will paralyze all enemies without any range and then amazingly deal with hundreds of points of damage per second.

Utility Abilities

  • Speed – Speed assumes an important role and allows both Volt and his teammates to run faster for several seconds.
  • Electric Shield – It will help Volt in creating a massive shield that blocks all oncoming enemy attacks and includes electric strike that damage enemies badly.

What Players Should Choose Mag as their Starter Frame?

Mag is a female Warframe, and for a long time, she was considered as one of the weakest frames, but recent updates to her abilities have improved her power amazingly. Complex skills make her the best choice for those players who appreciate the challenge and strategic matches. Mag has two types of abilities, such as Simple Abilities and Synergizing Abilities.

Simple Abilities

  • Pull – You are allowed to use the said ability to pull a massive range of enemies toward the character and kill them.
  • Crush – More potent than Pull ability, letting you crush waves of enemies at once while replenishing the shields of nearby companions.

Synergizing Abilities

  • Polarize – It becomes a reason for creating an energy pulse that breaks out the enemy shields. The energy pulse restores the shields of teammates upon touching.
  • Magnetic – It will build a magnetic bubble around your enemy that also pull other enemies towards it and damage them severely.

The higher skill set of Mag makes it the toughest Warframe among three Start Frames. Moreover, skilled players can utilize devastating skills of Mag brilliantly. Mag is the best option for those players, who love playing strategic matches or are hungry for the most significant challenge.

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